Sunday, September 19, 2010

I finally dusted off the machine... make Ty a super hero cape. Trent asked me to make one for him ages ago and I never seemed to get around to it. So last week he escorted me to the fabric section of WalMart to buy the necessary items. He even offered (and proceeded) to cut the felt for me, freehand the cape outline, etc... So maybe Trent made most of this cape. But after months of not feeling inspired to sew, I finally put my foot to the pedal again. I'm a little rusty, but it was fun. It felt good. And best of all, it produced these smiles!

I could list a dozen things that didn't turn out perfectly. My perfectionism is my biggest stumbling block with my sewing - I get frustrated at my inability to do something perfectly. But this project was fun even with my silly errors and hopefully I'll make something again before another year passes by. Thanks for the continued inspiration, ladies!

1 comment:

the Picketts said...

love it Rachel good job!!! Next playdate- pack the capes for sure!!!

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