Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new SNEAKY obsession

I've become obsessed with The Sneaky Chef. I was looking online the other day for lunch ideas to pack with my kids for school. I was reading reviews on a book that didn't really sound kid friendly despite the "kid" and "lunchbox" in the title. I was looking around in the same genre and stumbled onto The Sneaky Chef, the coolest thing about her - is the website. She has TONS of free recipes - you can take a "taste" drive (har, har) before you buy the book. I told myself I was going to make all the recipes she offers on her blog before I buy her book(s).

Tonight I made this little beaute. It looks and tastes like regular chili, except it's hiding broccoli, spinach, peas, cauliflower, and zuchini. It's not that my kids hate veggies, it's more like I'm pregnant and tired and thinking about making a side dish of healthy veggies - just about puts me over the edge. With this you feel like a super mom because you just made chili from scratch AND you chocked it full of added veggies.

I made this for Abbey's birthday dinner. She loves Mac n' Cheese ...and I do feel guilty putting butter and powder in her dinner. But this is like Mac n' Cheese back in the day before they put it in a box. You know when your mom used to make you grate cheese for an hour. You can either have it with sneaky zuchini & cauliflower or carrots, yams/sweet potatoes. None one the wiser.

I just finished making the "purple puree" (blueberries & spinach) for these little lovelies. If I can muster enough energy, I will make them tonight. They also have wheat germ, wheat flour, and oat bran. It's not hard to sneak some nutrition into your diet with this clever lady's help. Yeah for creative people. Makes life easier for me, and let's my brain shut down without any guilt.

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Jennie said...

My favorite recipe from that book is the crunchy chicken tenders! I loved them so much that I blogged about making them for my daughter's bday dinner per her request. A few months later I get an email from Sneaky Chef's editor, asking if they can use my testimonial in their newest book, and of course I said yes!! I'm in their second book (the purple cover one) with my testimonial. Pretty cool! And also cool is to check TJ Maxx or Ross, because I just saw them this past month at TJ Maxx for $6!

And by the way, I am AMAZED that you can muster enough energy to cook at all while being pregnant! Way to go and healthy too!

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