Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Dress

I found this really cute dress pattern weeks ago and I tried making it and the first time, it was a disaster. Its the Fancy Dress from the Danslalune Etsy shop.

I loved the femininity of the dress and really wanted to make it for Elsie before the summer was over. I did make it and it was a disaster. Those little ties really got the best of me. But when I found a whole bolt of fabric from Wal-Mart for $5, I knew I needed to try it again. And so I did and I am in love with it! Doesn't Elsie look adorable?!

She was totally posing for pictures after church, which NEVER happens. I bought her cowgirl boots from her Halloween costume and she wants to wear them all the time. I thought the boots gave the look a little country chic look.

I had to lengthen the dress a little to fit Elsie but other than that, the dress is very quick to make and fairly easy. Those little ties take some patience but they are doable.
Here's an outtake photo of our little photo shoot...I don't know why, it makes me chuckle!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being Crafty Again

Awwwww, it feels so good to be crafty again. To be reunited with Hans and my serger (she really needs a name) and to be creative together...I've really missed this. I really miss being creative with all of you every Thursday (but let's dwell on that because that just brings tears and this is supposed to be a happy post). And I say happy because I just finished building this:

and seeing it finished really makes me happy!
I got the idea from I heart Naptime. Okay, so I pretty much stole the idea straight from her blog but how could you not when it looks so darling? I love that with just the change of the ribbon or fabric and the candy it can cater to all the different holidays. Candy corn for Halloween. Peppermints or candy canes for Christmas. Conversation hearts for Valentines Day. Mmmmmmm, Mini Cadbury Eggs for Easter. I love it! And the best part, it cost less than $5 to make. This would make a great Super Saturday project (sorry I'm about two weeks late for suggestions) since I was able to get it done during Elsie's nap. It really makes me so happy to have it on my counter right now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Make your own oil cloth? Is that possible?

Beka recently asked me about the table cloth I have in my kitchen. It's a 54X54 square shaped table which is always hard to find any kind of table cloth for. So I decided to make my own. I found a black toile from the Home Decor section at Joann's, with black & creme check around the outside. It was exactly what I wanted and I love it... BUT it was a huge pain to make into a simple table cloth, because I wanted it water proof and easy to clean after messy children or craft projects.

I spent hours ironing on the vinyl (which is NOT cheap, even with a coupon - only 17 inches wide). After 5 years it has taking a beating. There are spots where the vinyl has come off (or my kids pealed it off), a few spots with magic marker, creases, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. You get the picture. It does it's job, but I think I would have gone for an oil cloth is there was more variety or it was cheaper (oil cloth seems kitschy or a little too vintage for my decor).

Well, I found my solution. You can make your own! Your grandma did it - why not? I definitely think I will next time I have enough energy to think about changing up my kitchen decor (ie tablecloth). I found a great website from modhomeecteacher with fantastic step-by-step instructions. Just go HERE. Let me know if you do it, I'd love to hear how your project turned out. Best part is your not limited to what fabric they have on stock - you can use ANY fabric your heart desires.

You can make so many things from oilcloth. Check this out.
(image from

or Martha has ideas on her website. We can count on Martha to not let us down...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Featured Designer - Ollie Lane

I want to introduce you to Ashley. She is a stay at home mom of 3 and just started an online blog (store), Ollie Lane and will be featured at an upcoming boutique in the Phoenix, AZ area. If you are around the 15th & 16th of October (this weekend) go check it out. Here is a link to more information...

Check out some of Ashley's cute stuff:

the ever fashionable apron (can you ever have too many of these?)

diaper/wipee cases (I love the fabric!)

simple play skirts

Christmas Stockings (yes. It will be here before you know it)

Super hero capes for the little hero in your life.

Travel high chairs (I love the adorable model - but these are actually quite handy) - so cute! I will be there. Hope to see you there too!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SSC Girls Sleepover

(L to R: Maren, Jen, Jessie, Christie, Jill, Nikki, Beka, and Rachel)

Here is a picture from last weekend when we enjoyed a much needed get away. The overnight was to celebrate Beka's bday and to say goodbye to a much loved member of our group. Jill is moving to Arkansas in less then a week and although we are happy her husband landed his "dream job" we are are sad to loose Jill from our "dream team" but know that with Jill, in no time at all the Arkansas chapter of the SSC will be created and thriving, and we will love all the new friends she makes.

(L to R: Beka, Christie, Jill, Jen, Maren, Nikki, Rachel, and Jessie)

Sorry this picture is blurry - I think our waitress was a little tipsy. Here we all are eating out and eating up everything in sight as 8 ladies out on the town only can. Everyone had a fantastic time.

more pillow LOVE...

I love trades... when you know you suck at something, even when it's not difficult - or you just can't bring yourself to make the thing that you want. It's nice to know talented and super cool people willing to make a trade. My friend Tiffani makes the coolest chic hair bows, flowers, etc. So she made me a bag full of them - all I had to do was throw together a few pillows for her porch swing. uummm... yes. I can do that and come out on top. Here are her pillows and I have to admit, I use the flowers more then putting them in my daughters hair. Thanks Tiff for helping my self esteem by making me feel a little less frumpy, swollen, and pregnant.

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