Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being Crafty Again

Awwwww, it feels so good to be crafty again. To be reunited with Hans and my serger (she really needs a name) and to be creative together...I've really missed this. I really miss being creative with all of you every Thursday (but let's dwell on that because that just brings tears and this is supposed to be a happy post). And I say happy because I just finished building this:

and seeing it finished really makes me happy!
I got the idea from I heart Naptime. Okay, so I pretty much stole the idea straight from her blog but how could you not when it looks so darling? I love that with just the change of the ribbon or fabric and the candy it can cater to all the different holidays. Candy corn for Halloween. Peppermints or candy canes for Christmas. Conversation hearts for Valentines Day. Mmmmmmm, Mini Cadbury Eggs for Easter. I love it! And the best part, it cost less than $5 to make. This would make a great Super Saturday project (sorry I'm about two weeks late for suggestions) since I was able to get it done during Elsie's nap. It really makes me so happy to have it on my counter right now.


the Picketts said...

thats so cute- i love easy crafts:)- i'm lazy!!

Martha said...

I love this craft!! I was going to do this a while ago, and I just never did. But now seeing it again, I might just need one for the holiday seasons.

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