Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Dress

I found this really cute dress pattern weeks ago and I tried making it and the first time, it was a disaster. Its the Fancy Dress from the Danslalune Etsy shop.

I loved the femininity of the dress and really wanted to make it for Elsie before the summer was over. I did make it and it was a disaster. Those little ties really got the best of me. But when I found a whole bolt of fabric from Wal-Mart for $5, I knew I needed to try it again. And so I did and I am in love with it! Doesn't Elsie look adorable?!

She was totally posing for pictures after church, which NEVER happens. I bought her cowgirl boots from her Halloween costume and she wants to wear them all the time. I thought the boots gave the look a little country chic look.

I had to lengthen the dress a little to fit Elsie but other than that, the dress is very quick to make and fairly easy. Those little ties take some patience but they are doable.
Here's an outtake photo of our little photo shoot...I don't know why, it makes me chuckle!

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Maren said...

So stinkin' cute. I LOVE it with the boots. They are so chic. What a cute dress and what an even cuter model. I love her hair all flipped out. Elsie is greatly missed in this house.

And look at that? You have your very own backyard for your baby and dog to frolic around in. You will have to teach her how to pick up dog poop before too long. It's my favorite chore that my kids do.

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