Sunday, October 3, 2010

SSC Girls Sleepover

(L to R: Maren, Jen, Jessie, Christie, Jill, Nikki, Beka, and Rachel)

Here is a picture from last weekend when we enjoyed a much needed get away. The overnight was to celebrate Beka's bday and to say goodbye to a much loved member of our group. Jill is moving to Arkansas in less then a week and although we are happy her husband landed his "dream job" we are are sad to loose Jill from our "dream team" but know that with Jill, in no time at all the Arkansas chapter of the SSC will be created and thriving, and we will love all the new friends she makes.

(L to R: Beka, Christie, Jill, Jen, Maren, Nikki, Rachel, and Jessie)

Sorry this picture is blurry - I think our waitress was a little tipsy. Here we all are eating out and eating up everything in sight as 8 ladies out on the town only can. Everyone had a fantastic time.


Jessie Lewis said...

I think this needs to be an annual event.

Maren said...

I would say bi-annual, but maybe the husbands couldn't take it. Definitely yearly. That was a blast.

Rachel said...

I was hoping quarterly!

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