Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makia Craft Night

A couple of weeks ago I won a free craft night for 10 from Makia Creations on Sugardoodle! Sweet!! I was so excited! Who better to share the craft night with than my Secret Stitch sistas. Because I'm a little obsessed with all things snowmen, I chose this supercute snowman craft.

I was so surprised at how quickly I got the huge box of supplies in the mail. It felt like no time at all. When I opened the box, there were all the supplies, neatly wrapped and packaged. It was awesome! We had everything we needed to complete the craft.

The wood snowman pieces are in the wrapped paper. Underneath that is a bag containing cute paper and wood button and nose pieces. The individual bottles of mod podge, stain, super glue and a paint brush are in the little plastic bag up top. All the supplies were already sorted, packaged and ready to create! It was the easiest craft night ever!
I live in a town house, so it was pretty tight fit. But I think we're used to that by now. :)
The girls painting, mod podging and glueing away.
Nikki, in the green, is the craft queen. She was our go-to girl for all things mod podge. (I have such a hard time with that stuff! It always bubbles. Maybe I just need more practice.)
Below are the finished products. I love how everyone of them was different in their own way.
Thanks so much, Makia Creations, for providing us an awesome, stress-free craft night!

Check out all the other sweet crafts they have available here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

make your own elf

If your wanting to do your own Santa's elf on a shelf - here is a great site Pink and Green Momma if you want to make your own. She makes these adorable ornaments out of wood beads, pine cones, and pipe cleaners. I think I'm going to have to make a few of these for my tree this year with my daughter and son. They will love these, or we can skip the tree and let them hang around the dining room chandelier.

Thanks for sharing such a great idea MaryLea.

Spool Garland - how festive is your tree?

I found this the other day at Joann's - it's like their holiday mascot. He is so cute and at 60% off it feels almost criminal to leave him there. So in the spirit of sewing and holidays...

I saw this spool garland at Nutmeg Designs. How cute is that? It marries two of my favorite things holidays & sewing. Actually my kids have individual trees in each of their rooms and I was thinking how much fun this garland would be to make with my 8 year old. Her tree is pink - so really these colors are perfect.

It looks so easy - I just have to figure out where to get the wooden spools now.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep Calm rosette frame tutorial

I think I'm a bit late jumping on the Keep Calm train, but I just kind of noticed all the cute variations out there on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" saying. I thought it'd be a cute gift for my crafty friends to create a "Keep Calm and Sew On" print. Then I thought it'd be even cuter to put in it a frame with a cute flowery touch. Below is a little tutorial on how to create this simple, cute, inexpensive frame for a gift or to add a little decor to your sewing room.

First of all, here are the prints you can use. Just click on the print, it should come up in a new window, and then right click on the picture and save to your computer. Then you can print out in any size you want (up to 5x7 with no resolution issues) or get it printed at Costco or other printing place.

I thought it'd be fun to add a little Christmasy one, since we finally made it to the most wonderful time of the year! Just click on it, it'll come up in a new window, then right click to save to your computer.

Now on to the tutorial. Find your frames. I purchased these $1 frames from Michael's. They hold a 4x6 print. Paint them whatever color you want. Let dry.Rough them up a bit, if you'd like. These frames are really light, so you can't really see the roughing up I gave them. But it's there, I promise. If you want to distress them with ink or paint to further emphasize the roughing you gave them, go right on ahead.

All ready for embellishing.

Now for the rosette. Collect strips of fabric or ribbon and other embellishments like buttons, pearls, jewels, etc. Start by tying the end of the fabric in a knot.
Hot glue the knot to the frame where you want the center of your flower to be.
Then start twisting your fabric and circle around the knot and glue the fabric to frame as you go. Twist and glue, twist and glue.
Twist and glue until you get your desired flower.
Create other flowers and bling them up with jewels, buttons and pearls. Go even further with some tulle or other silk flowers. There's no limit to your creativity!

Here's another one I did where I added some tulle. Just bunch tulle up and glue it on before you add the rosette, or shove it in wherever you want and glue down. I love how just the smallest addition of tulle gives it a little more umph.

To make a bow to hang your frame, hot glue strips of fabric, tulle or ribbon to the back. Let dry and tie in a bow or knot. Hang your frame!
Or, if you prefer, prop it up!

So there ya go! Super easy, super inexpensive, super cute (at least I think so). Go ahead, make some for your own crafty friends. (SSC sistas, sorry to spoil your Christmas gift. :))

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I saw the tutorial for a super easy ornament wreath on Eddie Ross last year that I knew I wanted to make it for this year. I grabbed some pretty ornaments on clearance after last Christmas and saved them. It turned out to not be enough, so I picked up some large jingle bells from Michaels. I had some plastic ornaments on-hand, but they didn't really work. They kept getting stuck and the ornaments wouldn't lay quite right. It was super easy and turned out just like I was hoping! I love it...lots. Here are a few tips I have, in case you want to make your own:

1. Use glass balls. The plastic ones break off, even if you glue them.
2. Definitely hot glue the top on or they will fall off. I learned the hard way.
3. Buy more ornaments than you think you need. The more the better, in my opinion.
4. The wreath gets pretty heavy, so be sure to have a wreath hook to hang it on.
5. Find the large jingle bells if you can. It makes a fun little jingle every time you open the door.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa's Elf of the Shelf

I wanted to start a new tradition this year and read up on a few people remember as kids (the internet is full of them), I heard one on the radio a few years back about elves that doorbell-ditch and leave Christmas jammies, which has become one of our favorite traditions... lots of squealing and running (my kids). 

This year I was reading about nostalgic adults that had versions of the same tradition where an elf sat on shelf and reported the kids behavior to Santa, what a cute idea. A few weeks later in the bookstore I found a mass produced version of this holiday tradition. I didn't really care for the book, the dollar store looking cheaply made elf, or the price tag... so I decided to come up with my own story and elf.

I considered making my own elf, until I saw these at Marshall's, They are elves made by Annalee Dolls. They are adorable and completely bendable. I think I picked up a 9' elf for $14. The faces are fabric and painted on, I think they look impish and like Whoville people from the Grinch. 

Anyway, next I came up with a poem to read to my kids and begin our new tradition. I would love to share it with you as well - if you want to start this fun tradition too, please feel free to us it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

a few more places to land yourself a silhouette

So I think I know what happened... the Silhouette Company made a kazillion of these and handed them out to everyone who went trick or treating at their shady factory in the scary industrial section of American Fork, Utah (ha, ha, ha... like that exists tee, hee) - anyway so now they are passing them out for giveaways to anyone who has a craft blog (okay so maybe just a select few - but 'How Does She' boasts 17 blogs/site giveaways (although she only had like 9 listed on her site)... Anyway, I've listed all the ones I can find below and if you can't win one after entering all these damn sites - there is something WRONG with you.
(obviously we are NOT hosting a giveaway, we are just not that cool... we only giveaway our own homemade crap)

Homemade by Jill

How does she?

Tater Tots and Jello

We are THAT Family

Thrifty Decor Chic


Kara's Party Ideas

Make it and Love it (previously posted about - stupidly thinking she was the only one hosting this giveaway)

Infarrantly (is that a word, I really don't think it is?) Creative

I looked for the below sites all on my own (no thanks to 'How Does She?')

Southern Savers

Curbly - THIS ONE ENDS NOV 23rd, TUES Midnight

UPDATE: Here are a few of my entries - you can use these if you get bored, just try not to use them on the same sites. It's not like they read everyone... what's a little repetition and I'm feeling a little witty for once in the past 9 months, my sugar intake is high and my caffeine levels are dangerously low - this is what my friends call 'Prego sasssss'

Thifty D├ęcor Chick entry - I think it would be fun to make stickers for my kids to wear to school. Just to give other people a heads up of what they may be walking into... "Paige is a beast this morning, keep your distance... Keep your distance!" "Please make sure James flushes and washes his hands" or "Maren is late today because she spent too much time primping in the bathroom" (my dad actually wrote that when I was in JR high and my teacher died laughing, I of course was mortified.

Kara’s Party Ideas entry - ummm... I would probably cover myself with temporary tattoos. Yep. That's what I'd do - then make T-shirts for the Secret Stitch Club Ladies that say, "That's how we roll on the WEST side" (I know super dorky, but that's how we like it)

Homemade by Jill entry - I would love a silhouette for Christmas. I think it would be awesome to make temporary tattoos for my preschool class. Wouldn't their parents love if I recorded some of the crazy things they say and then put them on their arms or faces that take days to wash off... oh it would just be too much fun!

How Does She entry - I really really really want a couch for Christmas. I know it’s so lame, but the one we have is 12 years old and looks a lot older. Our 3 kids have had their share of marking up this poor couch. Paige drew over the cushions, James spilled a bottle of red paint on it, and Abbey ripped off the sewed on cushions by flipping over the back of it. I believe in you Santa… I’ve tried to be a good mommy most of the year. oh, please. please. please
Tater Tots and Jello entry – I want one to make temporary tattoos. Really I was too chicken to ever get a real tattoo and here is my chance. I'm 9 moths pregnant and ready to pop with #4. Couldn't you just see a temp tat that said, "tick, tick, tick - back slowly away." I LOVE it. I could change them out for every lame comment people give me about my insanely huge belly.
We are THAT family entry - I think I would make really lame bumper stickers for my car. I hate trying to figure out what people mean by their vanity plates, yet I can’t look away and I still think about it days later. With my very own silhouette I could type up some of the gibberish my 2 year old comes up with and get a kick out of people reading it and going… what the h..? or I think that lady might be crazy. When they pull up next to me and see me cackling like a witch all their suspicions will be confirmed. ‘yes, yes, she’s crazy. don’t make eye contact kids.’
 Grosgrain entry - I really am intrigued by the temporary tattoo feature. It's just the endless possibilities that get me all excited... I could make some for my kids. I can see the babysitter reading my kids cheeks- 'no matter what we say bed time is 7:30' and 'please remind me to brush my teeth' - or for my 2 year old 'give her a bottle and put on Dora and back away slowly'. I wouldn't get sick seeing that. I would hope the temp tats last longer then a couple days.

If I had a million dollars...

So if I had a million dollars, I would of course be somewhat responsible, pay off debt, school loans, fix up my house (or just buy the Willis' house - no I think I would buy the Baker's house. I love their new kitchen and their backyard, but I'd have to put in a basement with a few more bedrooms) - but after all that your allowed to be frivolous with some of it right?

If that's the case - I would buy all my SSC ladies new Bernina's that cost more then most of our cars. This is the lower end, so if there are a few SSC's that wouldn't want the high techie-ness of it all they could slum it with this beauty (and use the balance to pay off their cars) - Jill, you can still keep Hans, everyone needs more then 1 machine right?

For the rest of my sewing buddies - We could all get these fun new top o' the line Bernina's and customize fun skin to go on them. Aren't they so cool? It's only 30$ bucks for the skin and all the $ goes to breast cancer research, that's pretty cool of you Bernina... to not just come up with something my generation would love BUT make it go to a good cause.

This is what my skin would look like, except I would make Jenna take new pictures of me and shave off about 30lbs. - but isn't it so fun? (too bad they don't make these for models that are 10 plus years old). Couldn't you just see us all at Beka's cabin (or my new cabin next door) sewing the night away. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Giveaway - A SILHOUETTE really?

Hi Ladies... I just entered the giveaway for the Silhouette over on Make it & Love it blog. It's open until Sunday night (Nov 28th). I didn't even know these existed until I was at the park the other day with Christie and drool literally fell off her lip as she was describing it's awesomeness to me... Do I have an extra $300 bucks for fun stuff I don't really need to survive? no. But if someone just gave me one? BONUS. Head over to MAKE it and LOVE it to enter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Space

I'm so excited to show you guys my new sewing space.

The sage green magnet board that is right above the table is the very first Bunko price I had ever won (prizes picked my Ms. Maren) and I have been carting it around from place to place waiting for my very own wall to hang it on and I LOVE that I kept it all these years! I've already put up fabric samples that I am drooling over and can't wait to buy and decorate with. Next to it is a framed poem that relative wrote about my Grandma Brimhall and all the amazing quilts that she had made through out her life. She is was so talented and loved to share her talents with others so it is only appropriate to hang it above my work space. And the best part, I don't have to unplug the machines. They stay right there and I just have to pull them forward whenever I need them! And having the computer right there is perfect for those opportunities to iChat with all you ladies during sewing night and work on projects while I do so to really make it feel like I am there in person.
And now that I have my little space just for me, here are somethings that I have finished.

A few months ago I found this tutorial for a chandelier from Brassy Apple and when we moved and Elsie finally had a room of her own, I knew immediately that this was the project I wanted to start right away. Sorry the pictures are so crummy, it has been pretty cloudy here and my camera isn't fancy at all but you get the idea.

The chandelier is inspiration for Elsie's room decor that will be coming a little bit at a time. I found the most adorable Paris home decor fabric that I can't stop thinking about that I think I want to use for the window and maybe for a bed skirt (when Elsie actually get into a bed. I'm not ready to say goodbye to nap time so I am not pushing for a big girl bed just yet). The room looks totally bare but the chandelier is a step in the right direction, right? Thank you Megan for sharing all your creative ideas with us!
I also finished another Sunday Brunch Jacket and Skirt for Elsie so that she had something warm to wear to church on Sundays. Poor girl, she has to wear tights with sandals because being from Arizona, you never have to wear anything but. Hopefully I can help warm up her wardrobe a bit because winter really sets in (I love that it actually is getting cold though).

The skirt fabric game from the stash exchange we did a few months ago and let me tell you, you ladies were so generous because I have been able to complete a lot of projects with all the scraps I hoarded away from you. I love the fabric and was excited to find a pink corduroy for the jacket that matched perfectly! Another reason to love fall, CORDUROY! Ladies, if you have made any projects from the fabric swap, I want to see them! I want to see any projects actually since I won't be able to see them in person anymore (**sniff sniff** That is such a painful thought).
I'm currently working on projects for a little prego momma in AZ but sorry, Maren, you are just going to have to wait til I mail it out to you to see what it is! But I think you and your little Elinor will love it!

maybe because I am prego... handprint/footprint craft

Every time I had a baby (3 times now) - I've bought the cheap frames & baby feet or hand stamping kits from big name stores. I'm always happy to hang the prints up because nothings sweeter then to see how tiny your baby was, but the frames are cheap and the kits are usually not, and after a while that cheap-ness takes away from your baby's sweet print. You eventually end up scrapbooking or putting the print in an album and chucking the cardboard-ish crap of a frame (that didn't go with your nursery colors in the first place)...

I found my solution for baby #4. I am MOMMA hear me Roar! has come up with these adorable prints you can download in pdf format and use for FREE. She rocks! And best of all I have tons of fabric I could use with spray glue that already goes with baby #4's room decor, and add another layer of texture with the paper. It's brilliant. I told you I love blog stalking - so many good ideas... to keep these not-so-idle hands out of trouble.

My Fabric Wishlist

Above All Fabrics is one of my favorite places to shop online. In fact, it's really the only place I shop online for fabric. Melanie, the owner, lives down in Tuscon and is so friendly and helpful and quick (I get my order within 2 days). And I love that I'm buying from a fellow Arizonan. :) She frequently has great sales and her blog is full of fun ideas. So, if I had a little shopping spree this Christmas here are a few things I'd like:

I love this Monaco collection. You all know how I love bright colors and this collection is full of vibrant colors. It's organic fabric too, which is interesting.

I've been eyeing this pattern from Oliver + S for awhile (along with about 5 other patterns they have). I love it! Myla has decided that she will wear skirts now (this week anyway), so I'm definitely considering getting this pattern. If I made it, I think these fabrics are possibilities.

And these (the paisley is corduroy - perfect for winter!):

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