Monday, November 8, 2010

Falling in love with flowers - flower hair art tutorial (flower clips)

So it all started with this chica... meet Megan, my baby sis.

Megs was married in Nov - 2 years ago. 
She wanted all the girls to have cute flowers to wear in their hair.
So, for all her nieces (8), sister-in-law (1), and sisters (5) - she stayed up all night before her wedding to make these awesome hair clips... or hair art as I like to call them.

This is the one she made for me. You can tell it has been warn quite a bit over the last 2 years.

I decided to make a few since fall flowers are cheap right now and even though it's an easy tutorial and you are probably yawning and rolling your eyes at the screen. I hate it when people just assume everything is easy and you can figure it out. I'm not so good at figuring stuff out on my own sometimes. This is for all the ladies out there like me who like to have their hand held while doing new crafts.

First, gather supplies. I bought my flowers (on clearance) and some feathers at Joann's with the 40% coupon (but even without the coupon) they are only a couple bucks. 

I bought both hair barrettes and pins. 

(optional) some buttons, bling, or old jewelry to glue in the center. 

Let's get started. 
1. I popped the heads of the metal stems. Don't cut them off, pop them... you can do it, pop away.

2. Next disassemble them.

3. Lay the pieces on top of the others to see how you want it to look. 

4. Leave the center hole free from obstruction. We are using the top center piece with it's tiny baby of a stem to reassemble the flower. I put just a bit of glue on the petals, every other layer to keep it strong.  

5. There's that tiny bitty stem we're using to thread the pieces back together. If you don't want to use the middle piece, that's fine just glue the layers together.

6. More gluing, glue, glue, glue (try not to burn your fingers)... mine still hurt.

7. Almost done - thread a small piece of fabric, felt, ribbon etc. through your barrette.

 8. Smother the whole thing with glue.

 9. Attach to your flower.

10. Your all done and have a fall/holiday festive flower to keep or gift to your bff, mil, or dd (do you know all those? I'm feeling quite cool with the txtrs right now)

 (optional step) - Add the fancy pants stuff that will make you the envy of all the chickens in the coop. Add your feathers, bling, who-ha, or whatnot. This is my polk-a-dot feather collection.

 This is my remake collection. I had all these elements - I just breathed new life into them by adding more leaves, flowers, feathers, bling, etc.

This is my pre-tween collection, all of these have been sprayed with spray glue and doused with glitter. Approved by 8 year olds everywhere.

Unfortunately my daughter wasn't home to model so you have to look at me. But you can see they are rather good sized (you wouldn't want to put these sucka's on a newborn, it would be hidden by the gargantuan flower on it's noggin)

 up close - this one is my favorite. On the right side there are these spindly black feathers that I formed in a half circle... they just look damn sexy. I'm not sexy at 8 months prego (who are we kidding? or really any other time), but I can wear feathers that are.

 Here's another one I really like. I put a pin on this as well as a barrette so I could have the best of both worlds. Notice sexy black feather is back and more noticeable on this one. Also adore the polk-a-dot chicken feathers. They are so cute, I can only imagine the poor neked chicken running around ticked looking for it feathers.

 Stay away from my hat chicken. Stay far, far away. 


Jessie Lewis said...

I was admiring Abbey's flower today. I definitely need to get in gear with the cute flower clips. Maddie's hair is too awesome not to have some of these gorgeous flowers in it. Also, you're such tease to those chickens.

Jill Manning said...

I am loving these! The feathers are such an awesome touch. I tell you what, you make me a bunch of these and I will do all your hand stitching for a year. That's totally fair right?
And I second Jessie's comment, what a chicken tease!

Maren said...

Oh. You guys are too kind. Maddie does have awesome hair, but would look extra cute with clips. Hand stitching Jill? Do I do a lot of that? I'm imagining myself wearing a gunnysack dress darning socks with Ma and Mary (before she went blind) trying to see past my buck teeth... well, when you put it that way - hell yeah.

Anonymous said...

Love them. I've been making flower hairclips and brooches non stop. Everyone is asking me to make them some. I love the feathers. I did one on Sunday with a red velvet rose and turned out cool. Thanks for sharing the deals I am going to go gets some more supplies.

Send Flowers International said...

Wow, flowers have always been my weakness.. Loved your post.

Pish Posh Says said...

These are beautiful. I have a bunch of young-ish girls on my Christmas list that are now going to be really happy with their gifts. Thank you so much for sharing.

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