Monday, November 22, 2010

a few more places to land yourself a silhouette

So I think I know what happened... the Silhouette Company made a kazillion of these and handed them out to everyone who went trick or treating at their shady factory in the scary industrial section of American Fork, Utah (ha, ha, ha... like that exists tee, hee) - anyway so now they are passing them out for giveaways to anyone who has a craft blog (okay so maybe just a select few - but 'How Does She' boasts 17 blogs/site giveaways (although she only had like 9 listed on her site)... Anyway, I've listed all the ones I can find below and if you can't win one after entering all these damn sites - there is something WRONG with you.
(obviously we are NOT hosting a giveaway, we are just not that cool... we only giveaway our own homemade crap)

Homemade by Jill

How does she?

Tater Tots and Jello

We are THAT Family

Thrifty Decor Chic


Kara's Party Ideas

Make it and Love it (previously posted about - stupidly thinking she was the only one hosting this giveaway)

Infarrantly (is that a word, I really don't think it is?) Creative

I looked for the below sites all on my own (no thanks to 'How Does She?')

Southern Savers

Curbly - THIS ONE ENDS NOV 23rd, TUES Midnight

UPDATE: Here are a few of my entries - you can use these if you get bored, just try not to use them on the same sites. It's not like they read everyone... what's a little repetition and I'm feeling a little witty for once in the past 9 months, my sugar intake is high and my caffeine levels are dangerously low - this is what my friends call 'Prego sasssss'

Thifty D├ęcor Chick entry - I think it would be fun to make stickers for my kids to wear to school. Just to give other people a heads up of what they may be walking into... "Paige is a beast this morning, keep your distance... Keep your distance!" "Please make sure James flushes and washes his hands" or "Maren is late today because she spent too much time primping in the bathroom" (my dad actually wrote that when I was in JR high and my teacher died laughing, I of course was mortified.

Kara’s Party Ideas entry - ummm... I would probably cover myself with temporary tattoos. Yep. That's what I'd do - then make T-shirts for the Secret Stitch Club Ladies that say, "That's how we roll on the WEST side" (I know super dorky, but that's how we like it)

Homemade by Jill entry - I would love a silhouette for Christmas. I think it would be awesome to make temporary tattoos for my preschool class. Wouldn't their parents love if I recorded some of the crazy things they say and then put them on their arms or faces that take days to wash off... oh it would just be too much fun!

How Does She entry - I really really really want a couch for Christmas. I know it’s so lame, but the one we have is 12 years old and looks a lot older. Our 3 kids have had their share of marking up this poor couch. Paige drew over the cushions, James spilled a bottle of red paint on it, and Abbey ripped off the sewed on cushions by flipping over the back of it. I believe in you Santa… I’ve tried to be a good mommy most of the year. oh, please. please. please
Tater Tots and Jello entry – I want one to make temporary tattoos. Really I was too chicken to ever get a real tattoo and here is my chance. I'm 9 moths pregnant and ready to pop with #4. Couldn't you just see a temp tat that said, "tick, tick, tick - back slowly away." I LOVE it. I could change them out for every lame comment people give me about my insanely huge belly.
We are THAT family entry - I think I would make really lame bumper stickers for my car. I hate trying to figure out what people mean by their vanity plates, yet I can’t look away and I still think about it days later. With my very own silhouette I could type up some of the gibberish my 2 year old comes up with and get a kick out of people reading it and going… what the h..? or I think that lady might be crazy. When they pull up next to me and see me cackling like a witch all their suspicions will be confirmed. ‘yes, yes, she’s crazy. don’t make eye contact kids.’
 Grosgrain entry - I really am intrigued by the temporary tattoo feature. It's just the endless possibilities that get me all excited... I could make some for my kids. I can see the babysitter reading my kids cheeks- 'no matter what we say bed time is 7:30' and 'please remind me to brush my teeth' - or for my 2 year old 'give her a bottle and put on Dora and back away slowly'. I wouldn't get sick seeing that. I would hope the temp tats last longer then a couple days.


Christie said...

You are hilarious! There's no way I could use any of those because I'm just not that witty. The thing is, I could totally see you doing those things. :)

I'm thinking between the bunch of us, if we all enter, hopefully one of us will win. Hopefully...

Christie said...

Oh, and what a big girl you are looking up those other two all by yourself!! :)

I'm looking forward to our Westside shirts. Should we put an image of a ghetto bird under the saying?

Jill Manning said...

I would pay money for a Westside shirt with the ghetto bird on it. That is awesome! Seriously, one of us has GOT to win one, all these giveaways are just overwhelming! I think the Silhouette gods are smiling upon us ladies, I can just feel it!
Maren, I sure hope you get your new couch this year for Christmas!

Scrap'N'Play said...

thank you for looking all those up for some lucky winners!! I just wish I could apply for them, but Silhouette doesn't like us Canadians!! On all the sites I looked at it looks like only US because of customs issues. :(


Maren said...

Scrap n' Play - That's so not fair. Next time I'm visiting in Utah I promise to TP their warehouse. Don't they know your our kin (Northern Montana - Meet the Robinson's reference)... jerky silhouette elitists.

Sara said...

Thanks for this list! Maybe, just maybe I'll have a one in a million chance. Probably not.

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