Monday, November 22, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

So if I had a million dollars, I would of course be somewhat responsible, pay off debt, school loans, fix up my house (or just buy the Willis' house - no I think I would buy the Baker's house. I love their new kitchen and their backyard, but I'd have to put in a basement with a few more bedrooms) - but after all that your allowed to be frivolous with some of it right?

If that's the case - I would buy all my SSC ladies new Bernina's that cost more then most of our cars. This is the lower end, so if there are a few SSC's that wouldn't want the high techie-ness of it all they could slum it with this beauty (and use the balance to pay off their cars) - Jill, you can still keep Hans, everyone needs more then 1 machine right?

For the rest of my sewing buddies - We could all get these fun new top o' the line Bernina's and customize fun skin to go on them. Aren't they so cool? It's only 30$ bucks for the skin and all the $ goes to breast cancer research, that's pretty cool of you Bernina... to not just come up with something my generation would love BUT make it go to a good cause.

This is what my skin would look like, except I would make Jenna take new pictures of me and shave off about 30lbs. - but isn't it so fun? (too bad they don't make these for models that are 10 plus years old). Couldn't you just see us all at Beka's cabin (or my new cabin next door) sewing the night away. 

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