Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I saw the tutorial for a super easy ornament wreath on Eddie Ross last year that I knew I wanted to make it for this year. I grabbed some pretty ornaments on clearance after last Christmas and saved them. It turned out to not be enough, so I picked up some large jingle bells from Michaels. I had some plastic ornaments on-hand, but they didn't really work. They kept getting stuck and the ornaments wouldn't lay quite right. It was super easy and turned out just like I was hoping! I love it...lots. Here are a few tips I have, in case you want to make your own:

1. Use glass balls. The plastic ones break off, even if you glue them.
2. Definitely hot glue the top on or they will fall off. I learned the hard way.
3. Buy more ornaments than you think you need. The more the better, in my opinion.
4. The wreath gets pretty heavy, so be sure to have a wreath hook to hang it on.
5. Find the large jingle bells if you can. It makes a fun little jingle every time you open the door.


Jill Manning said...

Holy cow this is adorable! I remember seeing this last year too and totally forgot that it was on my to-do list! Yours turned out perfectly, I love the colors! I am dying to do a wreath this year, I think I may just do it!

Cadiedid said...

Love this wreath! I am dying to make a couple of wreaths for my doors this year. This would be a beautiful one to make!

Christian Family said...

I have to say that I really like it. My sisters all got together here the other night and commented on it because we thought of doing that same kind of thing. Super cute!

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