Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep Calm rosette frame tutorial

I think I'm a bit late jumping on the Keep Calm train, but I just kind of noticed all the cute variations out there on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" saying. I thought it'd be a cute gift for my crafty friends to create a "Keep Calm and Sew On" print. Then I thought it'd be even cuter to put in it a frame with a cute flowery touch. Below is a little tutorial on how to create this simple, cute, inexpensive frame for a gift or to add a little decor to your sewing room.

First of all, here are the prints you can use. Just click on the print, it should come up in a new window, and then right click on the picture and save to your computer. Then you can print out in any size you want (up to 5x7 with no resolution issues) or get it printed at Costco or other printing place.

I thought it'd be fun to add a little Christmasy one, since we finally made it to the most wonderful time of the year! Just click on it, it'll come up in a new window, then right click to save to your computer.

Now on to the tutorial. Find your frames. I purchased these $1 frames from Michael's. They hold a 4x6 print. Paint them whatever color you want. Let dry.Rough them up a bit, if you'd like. These frames are really light, so you can't really see the roughing up I gave them. But it's there, I promise. If you want to distress them with ink or paint to further emphasize the roughing you gave them, go right on ahead.

All ready for embellishing.

Now for the rosette. Collect strips of fabric or ribbon and other embellishments like buttons, pearls, jewels, etc. Start by tying the end of the fabric in a knot.
Hot glue the knot to the frame where you want the center of your flower to be.
Then start twisting your fabric and circle around the knot and glue the fabric to frame as you go. Twist and glue, twist and glue.
Twist and glue until you get your desired flower.
Create other flowers and bling them up with jewels, buttons and pearls. Go even further with some tulle or other silk flowers. There's no limit to your creativity!

Here's another one I did where I added some tulle. Just bunch tulle up and glue it on before you add the rosette, or shove it in wherever you want and glue down. I love how just the smallest addition of tulle gives it a little more umph.

To make a bow to hang your frame, hot glue strips of fabric, tulle or ribbon to the back. Let dry and tie in a bow or knot. Hang your frame!
Or, if you prefer, prop it up!

So there ya go! Super easy, super inexpensive, super cute (at least I think so). Go ahead, make some for your own crafty friends. (SSC sistas, sorry to spoil your Christmas gift. :))


Jill Manning said...

Christie you are on a roll right now!!! These frames are adorable and I am just loving the antique sewing machine on the top, that is just perfect! You are so creative and talented...makes me happy that I am your friend!

Maren said...

These are so cute Christie and I'm so glad you made a tutorial out of it. Awesome! Those are so cute and I always wanted to know how to do the roll cute flower thing.

Beka said...

those are ADORABLE!!!! you are so cute:)

Anonymous said...

These are really cute. Thanks for sharing them.

Traci said...

I just found your website from Ucreate and I am IN LOVE! YAY. Thanks for the inspiration :)

chelsea said...

This is great gift to give, It simple to do yet elegant. Thanks for sharing this, I got an idea on what I would give for my friend's birthday.
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Sharon said...

I've seen a lot of these flower tutorials and they always seem easy but I end up screwing it up. This one really IS easy and looks just as good when I do it as when you did it. THANKS so much!!!

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