Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makia Craft Night

A couple of weeks ago I won a free craft night for 10 from Makia Creations on Sugardoodle! Sweet!! I was so excited! Who better to share the craft night with than my Secret Stitch sistas. Because I'm a little obsessed with all things snowmen, I chose this supercute snowman craft.

I was so surprised at how quickly I got the huge box of supplies in the mail. It felt like no time at all. When I opened the box, there were all the supplies, neatly wrapped and packaged. It was awesome! We had everything we needed to complete the craft.

The wood snowman pieces are in the wrapped paper. Underneath that is a bag containing cute paper and wood button and nose pieces. The individual bottles of mod podge, stain, super glue and a paint brush are in the little plastic bag up top. All the supplies were already sorted, packaged and ready to create! It was the easiest craft night ever!
I live in a town house, so it was pretty tight fit. But I think we're used to that by now. :)
The girls painting, mod podging and glueing away.
Nikki, in the green, is the craft queen. She was our go-to girl for all things mod podge. (I have such a hard time with that stuff! It always bubbles. Maybe I just need more practice.)
Below are the finished products. I love how everyone of them was different in their own way.
Thanks so much, Makia Creations, for providing us an awesome, stress-free craft night!

Check out all the other sweet crafts they have available here.


Miss Rachel said...

I love Maren's face in the last picture. :)

Maren said...

You didn't mention the crap tutorial they have on how to use super glue. Come on! Everyone knows how to use super glue... oh wait. You did pour it down your arm and stlll have whiteish patches of skin... never mind. Good call Makia for making a tutorial for Christie (even if she didn't listen).

p.s. You need an updated picture of Abbey's - she made a wooden hat that sits on a dowel and is covered with cute paper. So, so cute. Way to try and usurp Nikki as the craft queen Abbey.

Christian Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christian Family said...

ops...hit the wrong button. Here is my post "It was SO much fun! I really enjoyed the "makia craft." Thanks for being lucky so that all of us could enjoy your good fortune with you (= Thanks!!!"

Beth Eaton said...

I just came across this and I have to tell you that I lvoe Makia Creations which is why I sell it now! I just had a craft group last night and they are a blast! I'm really gald you ladies got to do this and expreince the simplness of crafting and just having fun with friends!!!

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