Wednesday, November 17, 2010

maybe because I am prego... handprint/footprint craft

Every time I had a baby (3 times now) - I've bought the cheap frames & baby feet or hand stamping kits from big name stores. I'm always happy to hang the prints up because nothings sweeter then to see how tiny your baby was, but the frames are cheap and the kits are usually not, and after a while that cheap-ness takes away from your baby's sweet print. You eventually end up scrapbooking or putting the print in an album and chucking the cardboard-ish crap of a frame (that didn't go with your nursery colors in the first place)...

I found my solution for baby #4. I am MOMMA hear me Roar! has come up with these adorable prints you can download in pdf format and use for FREE. She rocks! And best of all I have tons of fabric I could use with spray glue that already goes with baby #4's room decor, and add another layer of texture with the paper. It's brilliant. I told you I love blog stalking - so many good ideas... to keep these not-so-idle hands out of trouble.

1 comment:

Christie said...

Look at you! You are on fire. That nesting is so kicking in. I love these though. So cute.

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