Monday, November 15, 2010

More, more pillow love?

I think my biggest fear is to have a ton of unfinished projects when this baby comes. I have a few Christmas presents left to make... some baby shower gifts, and even a couple projects from July for a trade. Yeah. I know I'm behind and this ticking time bomb in my belly reminds me the weeks are quickly getting away from me (not to mention finishing up my marathon of a thesis).

But I finally made these darling pillows. A good friend of mine wanted some new pillows for her couches. Her mom even paid me to do it, She gave me 3 pillows but has a HUGE sectional, so I threw in a few more. I love her fabric combo and I thought the jumbo rick-rack would look clownish, but it actually turned out pretty cool. Yeah for more pillows... just so you know, you haven't seen the last of pillows from me. I have a couple more in store. Yee-ha!

1 comment:

Brassy Apple said...

Hello ladies! time has flown by and I was checking into what you were up to! :) looks crafty and fun as always!

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