Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Fabric Wishlist

Above All Fabrics is one of my favorite places to shop online. In fact, it's really the only place I shop online for fabric. Melanie, the owner, lives down in Tuscon and is so friendly and helpful and quick (I get my order within 2 days). And I love that I'm buying from a fellow Arizonan. :) She frequently has great sales and her blog is full of fun ideas. So, if I had a little shopping spree this Christmas here are a few things I'd like:

I love this Monaco collection. You all know how I love bright colors and this collection is full of vibrant colors. It's organic fabric too, which is interesting.

I've been eyeing this pattern from Oliver + S for awhile (along with about 5 other patterns they have). I love it! Myla has decided that she will wear skirts now (this week anyway), so I'm definitely considering getting this pattern. If I made it, I think these fabrics are possibilities.

And these (the paisley is corduroy - perfect for winter!):


Melanie said...

I LOVE those fabrics for the skirt. Isn't that just the cutest skirt? And the prints in the organic line are so fun!!! Hey guess what though, I'll be in PHX in Jan for a sewing/quilting show!!!!

Maren said...

Love the fabrics. We'll have to do the quilting show. I can sneak away from a newborn right?

Jill Manning said...

What yummy fabric! The Monaco collection is so you Christie, I hope you get to own them someday! And my Christmas wish list is filled up with Oliver + S patterns, I love them so much! And I love that red fabric you chose. I may just have to copy you and buy some too...I copy you because basically I want to be you.

Christian Family said...

Wow, that is totally awesome fabric! You have the best taste in color/fabric matching. I know who to call when I need help picking fabric!

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