Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Space

I'm so excited to show you guys my new sewing space.

The sage green magnet board that is right above the table is the very first Bunko price I had ever won (prizes picked my Ms. Maren) and I have been carting it around from place to place waiting for my very own wall to hang it on and I LOVE that I kept it all these years! I've already put up fabric samples that I am drooling over and can't wait to buy and decorate with. Next to it is a framed poem that relative wrote about my Grandma Brimhall and all the amazing quilts that she had made through out her life. She is was so talented and loved to share her talents with others so it is only appropriate to hang it above my work space. And the best part, I don't have to unplug the machines. They stay right there and I just have to pull them forward whenever I need them! And having the computer right there is perfect for those opportunities to iChat with all you ladies during sewing night and work on projects while I do so to really make it feel like I am there in person.
And now that I have my little space just for me, here are somethings that I have finished.

A few months ago I found this tutorial for a chandelier from Brassy Apple and when we moved and Elsie finally had a room of her own, I knew immediately that this was the project I wanted to start right away. Sorry the pictures are so crummy, it has been pretty cloudy here and my camera isn't fancy at all but you get the idea.

The chandelier is inspiration for Elsie's room decor that will be coming a little bit at a time. I found the most adorable Paris home decor fabric that I can't stop thinking about that I think I want to use for the window and maybe for a bed skirt (when Elsie actually get into a bed. I'm not ready to say goodbye to nap time so I am not pushing for a big girl bed just yet). The room looks totally bare but the chandelier is a step in the right direction, right? Thank you Megan for sharing all your creative ideas with us!
I also finished another Sunday Brunch Jacket and Skirt for Elsie so that she had something warm to wear to church on Sundays. Poor girl, she has to wear tights with sandals because being from Arizona, you never have to wear anything but. Hopefully I can help warm up her wardrobe a bit because winter really sets in (I love that it actually is getting cold though).

The skirt fabric game from the stash exchange we did a few months ago and let me tell you, you ladies were so generous because I have been able to complete a lot of projects with all the scraps I hoarded away from you. I love the fabric and was excited to find a pink corduroy for the jacket that matched perfectly! Another reason to love fall, CORDUROY! Ladies, if you have made any projects from the fabric swap, I want to see them! I want to see any projects actually since I won't be able to see them in person anymore (**sniff sniff** That is such a painful thought).
I'm currently working on projects for a little prego momma in AZ but sorry, Maren, you are just going to have to wait til I mail it out to you to see what it is! But I think you and your little Elinor will love it!


Maren said...

It makes me want to cry!! I love that you have your own space. It is beautiful beyond words. Doesn't it just change your life? Jason can't understand my resistance to change my sewing nook into a baby nursery. I can't do it. Elinor will have to share with me or spend her nap times elsewhere. It's having a "Room of One's Own" a space to create... and I love all the stuff you've made. Bravo Jill. Bravo!

Beka said...

love it jill---all of it:)! now i can picture where you were sitting last week when we were ichatting:)--you've done so many cute projects since moving- i'm amazed. i love the chandelier thing- so cute! Elsie is so lucky to have such a cute crafty momma! miss and love ya

Christie said...

I love your space! I'm so happy for you! There's tons of room to spread out, and you can leave your project to go make dinner and not have to worry about little hands. It's wonderful!! You deserve it!

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