Wednesday, November 17, 2010

... no big dill - just a really cute bias skirt

I spend way too much time blog stalking and it never does me any favors. It just adds to my every growing list of stuff I want to sew. I wonder if I will ever be like that commerical where the guy reaches the end of the internet?  Even if I found the end of internet sewing related blogs ( - sad... so sad). It will never happen because the world is full of amazing clever and talented women who love their sewing machines and are blessed with creative minds that inspire me daily.

Here is one. I love this skirt. SO stinking cute. I think I might have to make it 3 times over (the problem with having 3 girls), I'm thinking for Easter. I could make them in pastels - pink, yellow, green. Baby Elle will be 3 to 4 month-ish, so her's might have to be more of a sundress, but can't you just see it?

But because I do love the matchy-matchy, but think moms should be a little dignified, I think I will have to make this skirt for me. Oh, the list just begins to grow. Katy is literally no big dill, you have to check out all her tutorials. You can waste some serious good time doing it.


Christie said...

I just discovered this blog too and I love it! I can see three little Buchanan girls all matchy-matchy.

k a t y said...

So fun to see two of my skirts over here! Hello to you fellow seamstresses! I'd love to see your interpretations of my tutorials--leave me a link or email any time.

Warm Regards,

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