Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Card Holder Anyone?

Meg over at Brassy Apple created this adorable Christmas Card holder. Can you guess out of what? Embroidery hoops? Yeah. That's what I thought... but you'd be WRONG! Dollar Store burner stove covers... I know crazy right? But how clever is that. They are magnetic, makes sense. She modge podge paper over the cheesy prints they come with and strung it together with ribbon. What a fab craft to do for the holidays and so EASY. These would make great inexpensive gifts. You could make a snowman with magnets and let your kids decorate to their hearts content. She also has a clip of little news segment she was on where she shares all kinds of other ideas of what you could do with burner covers. Check out her tutorial.

1 comment:

Brassy Apple said...

thanks Maren!!! hope the secret stitchin' gals are having a good holiday!

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