Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I love this mother/daughter/doll apron set

This was my last pre-prego project. I wouldn't have made a custom mother/daughter apron set 5 weeks before my baby was due (energy level of a 35 year old at 35 weeks was 0%)... except it was commissioned for my sweet friend Tiffani from her mother-in-law and I teach Tiff's adorable daughter in my preschool and love that girl (and all her sass!)

but I'm glad I did and it turned out so cute. I used Cindy Taylor Oates, More Retro Aprons pattern book. This apron is really feminine and reminded me of the Funked Out Apron (which I loathe), but it was so much easier to follow and I love the end result. One nice thing about this apron is that it accentuates your bust whether you have one or not. It's so delightful and girly.

And what's the point of having a hostess apron without a little girly bling. Tiffani is the kind of girl who is always wearing cute things in her hair - so I figure this might get more use then a cute apron. It was my first attempt at rolled flowers, (Thanks Christie for the tutorial) they are easier then you think.

This is the apron I made for her 4 year old. I used the 5 ruffle SSC Anniversary Apron idea to make this one. I just had to make it a little smaller and I made the top double sided.

This is the bling I made for this apron. I blogged about this flower tutorial a long time ago and made all the flower cutouts and ironed them all with wonder under, but never assembled the flowers. I love that I had flowers ready to go in the right colors to match this apron.

I wish you could see the back of this better (all my models were at school or taking naps) but they are super long straps attached at the top and thread through loops at the sides. I got the strap idea from Cindy Taylor Oates Little Retro Aprons for Kids. The edges of my ruffles I left serged.

This one I threw in just for fun, it's made from scraps and took no time at all. The pattern I got from Cindy Taylor Oates kids apron book. I love it because it's cute and matches the daughter apron. 

What would the doll apron be without it's own little bling? I even put a pin on it so she could clip it to her dolly's hair. This project actually turned out to be a lot better then I anticipated.

It actually helped pass the time 'til this little cutie came along... Now I know what busy is.


Missy said...

I just got Sally Oates Retro Aprons bk, I was at Joeann Fabrics and tried to buy it, but ti wasn't in their system. Since they didn't know where it came from they gave it to me for free! LOL
I love the mother/daughter/doll apron idea. They turned out cute!

Christie said...

You did a great job on this set! I love the rosettes. I bet Tiffani loves them!

Jill Manning said...

Maren I am in love with all these aprons! You did such a fantastic job and I am in love with the rosettes too! I'm so sad that you loathe the Funked Out Apron pattern though...but glad that you found an acceptable alternative through Sally Oates (she has never let us down).
Oh and Elinor is so precious!

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