Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Americn Crafter contest

Button Redo

I just read about this brilliant contest on Nap Time Crafters and since I have some super crafty friends (and there are some super crafty people who follow our blog - thank you!!) I thought you might want to know about it too. Who cares if you just had a baby or just moved across the country or just have a million and one things to do as the executive homemaker of your household or work your booty off at a job?! Drop everything and get your crafty self over there and enter! Yes, I'm talking to you. :) (I'm feeling a little bossy this morning, and since my kids are still sleeping or off to school, I'm channeling my bossiness into the blog. My kids - and hubby - will thank you later.) I want to enter something too and have a few projects that I'm mulling over. The great thing is we have until January 27th to enter. Come back and let us know if you enter!

1 comment:

Katy said...

thank you for the link.. would love to join

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