Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Bib

Maybe this is a tad lame for my first post with my new groupies...the Secret Stitch Sisters, but oh well. My daughter has a tiny neck and basically didn't have a bib that protected her clothes from food invaders. So, I got a plastic table cloth and used the bib I had for the outside and created a smaller sized neck. The Velcro in the back is longer so I can make it tighter or looser as she grows. So far! It is our favorite bib because it actually works as a bib should. There you go...guess I'm crafty now too!

What an adorable model right?


Maren said...

What a good idea with a table cloth. Marji your so smart. I love the model.

Jessie Lewis said...

You're totally crafty! You should make her a dress from the tablecloth, then you wouldn't need a bib at all!

Christie said...

Are you kidding me, Ms. Quiet Book by hand, matching skirts, cute home decor--you are super crafty. I'm so glad you posted! Yay!

Jill Manning said...

Great thinking! I love it! And I totally agree, your little model so super adorable!

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