Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabric Letters

I am soooo behind on posting some of my completed projects. Do I try to catch up or just start being better now? While I ponder that thought...I finally took some pics of a Christmas present I made Elsie this year. I used the Rag Quilt Letters Tutorial from Happy Together and created these:

**Don't you love you load pictures in the wrong order? Apparently, I LOVE it!**
Anyways, this was a really fun project to work on. First reason, because I had all the supplies on hand, I didn't have to go buy anything. Second reason, I got to dig through my fabric stash and use those little bits of fabric that I have held onto thinking I would someday need this little bit of fabric. Third, I got to use some of my most favorite fabrics. Fourth, it was pretty brainless. Trace. Cut. Sew. Snip the edges. Do that 26 times and DONE! No hemming, no matching up seams, no finishing the entire project and finding out that it doesn't even fit your child. This has happened too many time in the last month. But, I digress. And fifth, Elsie actually plays with them. When she first opened her present she immediately found the "O" and was so excited that she knew it! Super cute let me tell ya.
More pics of other projects to come, I promise!


Elizabeth said...

I love these! What a fun use of scraps! I think they would look great spelling words in my studio! You would come link up to Made with Love Monday. I left they party open extra long this week so people can link up multiple projects!

Maren said...

I think I might have to make these for preschool - those are awesome. I think you need to post ALL your projects, who cares when you did them, they still inspire us even if you made them 3 years ago. sheesh!

Jessie Lewis said...

I remember seeing a tutorial similar to this. They are so cute! I recognize a couple of fabrics from our fabric swap. Great job!

Christie said...

I Love these. With a capital L. You did such a great job on them. Lucky Elsie!

And I agree, please post your projects!

Matt & Kristin said...

Ummmmmmmm...yes. This is such a unique gift and fun idea.

Also, I check this blog like every day and a frown comes on my face when there is nothing new. Not that I've finished all the things I've been inspired to do from reading, but please post all your fun stuff!

fabric letters said...

Simply adorable!!I love them such a creative job.I hope you will share more as it is to much idealistic for me.

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