Thursday, January 6, 2011

Style Stitches Montly Bag Challenge

JemJam is hosting a monthly bag challenge that I decided to join. Using the book Style Stitches by Amy Butler, we will be making a bag a month. There are 12 chapters in the book, so we will be doing a chapter a month. I'm really excited!

I just got my book in the mail and have been looking through it. It's a beautiful book and I think the projects in it will really challenge my sewing skills...which is exactly what I need. I really want to take my sewing to the next level and learn new skills. I'll have the book at the next sewing night so you guys can check it out. Maybe you'll want to join the challenge with me?? The first bag is the Cosmo bag, which is pictured above on the cover of the book. I am going through my stash now to choose the perfect fabric combo. I love choosing fabric for the bag...that's the best part to me. Then I'll get to work. It should be a nice church bag to carry everything + the kitchen sink to church in hopes of keeping the kids quiet. :)


Christian Family said...

COOL! do they have a nice one for a diaper bag? I'm getting tired of one of mine.

Jill Manning said...

Wow Christie, you are going to be the envy of all the young mom's at church with your super cute bags. There are some really adorable bags in that book! Good luck with the challenge, you will do awesome! And i agree, picking out the fabric is the best part. And you have some cute fabric in your stash! I'm expecting pics every month of your completed bag!

Jessie Lewis said...

I'm so excited to see all your bags you create. I definitely need some inspiration for a new, very large, bag.

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