Monday, February 28, 2011

Reversible Shopper Bag

I just made the cutoff, but I finished the Reversible Shopper bag from the Style Stitches book by Amy Butler. I bought the book back in January when I saw the challenge on JemJam. I got January's bag cut out, but just didn't have time to finish it. It's now in my project pile waiting for some love. This bag, the reversible shopper, was so quick and easy. I grabbed some pieces of home decor fabric I had sitting around and went to town. I think of it as my little pink grapefruit bag with it's yellow and pink. The inside is lime green. It's sturdy and big and ready for beach towels, sunblock and summer. (By the way, in this picture it is stuffed with towels, which is why it's kinda funky-shaped.)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

For Christie

This is in honor of Christie. My mother-in-law had her birthday this month and I decided to take Christie's fabulous tutorial and make it into a present for my MIL. I think it turned out pretty good. Her favorite color is purple if you can't tell. Thanks Christie for inspiring me!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BuBbLe GuM NecKlaCe is my first post and it's not about sewing. What is wrong with me??
I do have some sewing posts to make in the future but I wanted to show some of you where I get my love for crafts and creating. My madre, she is one crafty lady and somebody who inspires me quite often. She has many talents....well recently she made a gift for my daughter for her birthday and I had to show it. She and I had both seen it on two different blogs but she beat me to it and made it cuter than I could've. She saw it here at One Charming Party I can't remember where I saw it, one of those blog hopping nights. I get so mad at myself when I don't save my favorites to my favorites. My daughter Karsyn loved it and has been pretty good about not eating them. Of course once they start licking them, things may get a little sticky.She even got my cute little dad to help.....he drilled holes in the bubble gum, yes drilled. I wouldn't have thought of that.

And by the way my son Seth may or may not have taken a bite today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buttom Up Shirt= Dress

Here is the dress from the button up shirt that I made. I gave it to my niece for her birthday. I'm working on the others for Ada and will post when I get those done. It's cute, plus it didn't cost anything. (-=



accessory (because every dress is more fun with one)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boys Need Love Too!

Let's face it, boys get the shaft when it comes to sewing. It's so much more fun to sew for girls with all the ruffles and the lace and the rick rack; and there are so many cute ideas out there. Poor Cade has been asking when I'm going to sew him something again. (Just pile on that mom guilt, will ya??) Well, Made and Made By Rae are trying to even things up by hosting Celebrate the Boy again. I remember them doing this last year. I'm so excited! They already got things started off by posting tutorials for Dragon Slippers and Boys Pants. I'm loving the dragon slippers. I think both my boys would love them too (especially if I can find a way to make them look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. To say they are obsessed would be an understatement).

Apparently, they have so many guest posters and tutorials that they will be posting twice a day for the month, so we can check back often for some great ideas.

And, one of my favorite online fabric shops, Above All Fabrics, is offering 10% off all her boys fabrics and patterns (code: BOYZ).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow days!

Holy crap, I have never seen so much snow!!! I grew up in Colorado. Went to school in Southeast Idaho. And still, I have never seen so much snow! 27" to be exact!!! The last snow day I can remember was in the 6th grade and technically it was only a half day. And on a Friday. So by the time Monday came around the snow had melted enough for us to head back to school. These kids here in Northwest Arkansas have had 10 snow days this winter! 10 SNOW DAYS!!! Do you know how many blanket and cardboard box forts my brother and I could have built in 10 days? But being snowed in as an adult isn't nearly as fun as it was as a kid. Elsie did get to watch a whole lot more T.V. than usual and we did attempt some potty training (I can't decide if Elsie isn't ready or if it is me...more on that later) but I also didn't get a chance to hit up the fabric store before the first big storm hit and I was going out of my mind after 4 days. You read that right, we were stuck indoors for 4 days. And that was just the first storm. We had another doozy on its way. You better believe I risked my life driving on some really icy roads to make sure I got to Hobby Lobby so I could have some projects to work on while we were snowed in again just two days later and for another 4 days. I'm telling you, it is just crazy! I also made sure I had more than enough Diet Coke to get me through the storms.
So here are some pics of some of the projects I was able to whip up while the blizzard raged on outside.

I had zero intentions of making anything for Ty's co-workers for Valentine's Day but when I saw These Valentine's I needed some sort of an excuse to make them. Elsie is too young to appreciate it so why not the people Ty works with? It was so fun to make and really brainless...just the way I like my crafts to be. Next year I think I am going to make These. Christie, I thought of you when I saw these because I also thought of Team Charlie. Hehehe!

I have joined a Quilt Block of the Month club (okay it is through the Relief Society but saying I have joined a club makes me sound like I am actually getting out there and being social) and this is the first block we have made. Eventually I will have 12 different blocks and then I will have a finished quilt that will go on Elsie's bed. I'm excited to see how it all looks. At first I hated the fabric and therefore, not at all excited about making anymore of this quilt but now I don't mind it and have great visions for the colors in Elsie's room. In fact, I got inspired for another quilt that I will show later when it is more than just a bunch of cut up triangles and squares. It is going to be super cute though.

First off, I apologize for the crapstastic picture. I have gotten so sick of finding straw wrappers all over my car and when I found this awesome tutorial I knew we had a winner! I love the way it looks in my car. Actually, Ty liked it and asked me to make him one too. Its a great project for those scraps that we swapped awhile back.

And finally, I had to make another Jump Rope Dress from Oliver + S for Elsie since she has grown out of her other one. I love this pattern so much, it probably is one of my top 5 favorite patterns I own. Next time I will maybe venture away from blues and polka dots and try something different but I just love the look of that combination with the style of the dress. Why try to fix something that's not broken, right?
Well, the snow has already begun to melt and I am forcing myself back into a normal routine starting tomorrow so the sewing projects will slow down but I am neck high in unfinished projects so I will take pictures as I finish them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Check out this thread organizer from The Creative Homemakers! Isn't it beautiful?! I really want to make one of these. I have this thread rack that I got from a Black Friday sale at Joann's one year. It's nice and does the job well enough, but when the kids get curious about all the colors they find a way pull it down and all the thread goes flying around my room. This is wonderful because, not only does it organize the thread (out of reach of little hands), it allows you to store the bobbin with the thread of the same color. I love that idea! I keep my bobbins in the little tray in on my sewing machine, but that is getting pretty full and the strings get all tangled. It's a mess. This is a fantastic idea!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refreshing the Nook

In my bedroom, there is a corner that is all mine: The Sewing Nook. It's not a big corner, but it's a place I get to keep all my crafty stuff, including my sewing desk. Up until two days ago it was covered in left over Christmas wrapping paper, bags, unfinished projects and a substantial layer of dust. I got the cleaning bug and reclaimed my space. After scurrying my 2 year old away from my serger for the zillionth time, I decided my machines needed some covers. Whah-lah! These are what I came up with. I so love them. I just sat and stared at the finished products for about 20 minutes last night. My husband thought I was crazy.

Here is a look at my sewing area. I based my sewing machine cover (on the right) off of a tutorial I saw here. I added a red ruffle over the zebra stripe and embellished it with a flower. Definitely check out the tutorial by Stay-at-Home Artist. Her version is so cute. She adds a little bunting to her cover and it's adorable.
Here is the serger cover. Now, this baby gave me some trouble, probably because I didn't use a pattern. It was more of a pin and sew and see if it fits, then pin and sew some more. I wouldn't even know where to start for a tutorial. My suggestion would be to find a pattern somewhere. Here is one from Simplicity that could be cute. I took a page from Maren's book (scroll down a lot) and made mine with elastic around the bottom, so it stays nice and tight (harder for little fingers to get into). But my favorite part is the Chrysi felt flower. I love how big and poofy it is. The tutorial is awesome (and I love her blog!). The flower is so fast and easy to make. I cut out the pieces while catching up on What Not To Wear. (Sidenote: Did anyone see this week's episode with the blond and the bows? Most annoying episode ever. And in the end, she didn't even want to change. Yeah, that's a waste of $5000.)
I made a dry-erase project board using Maren's tutorial. I added a few little felt flowers to the frame. I used the tutorial from here. (Sorry for the weird angle. I was trying to avoid the flash in the glass.)

And because I LOVE that Chrysi flower so much, here is another shot. :) You must make one! You will love it.

So there is my little sewing nook. I can't wait to get started on all those projects!

My UCREATE submission

I love Christie's tutorial. Paige had this dry erase board that's supposed to stick to the wall (it doesn't - so I had to improvise). While we were gluing ribbon to it, she wanted me to glam it up for her.

We followed Christie's rosette tutorial, and used scraps from the scrap swap. They turned out fabulous. Thanks again Christie!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Create with Me results!

Check out what other crafty crafters did with the Rosette Frame tutorial with January's Create with Me project on U-create! I was so excited to see different takes on a similar theme. So fun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

go green (aka feel superior) - and sew it up

(picture from Made)

I've been eyeing this tutorial for awhile now. I'm really curious to see if I could actually make these. I love that they are made from shopping bags (who doesn't get a zillion bags from Wal-mart every freakin' time they go?). She fused them together then sewed them up to make cute grocery shopping totes. The tutorial is great - tons of pictures, great directions... and the best part of going green is the self righteous satisfaction you get knowing your doing your part.

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