Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boys Need Love Too!

Let's face it, boys get the shaft when it comes to sewing. It's so much more fun to sew for girls with all the ruffles and the lace and the rick rack; and there are so many cute ideas out there. Poor Cade has been asking when I'm going to sew him something again. (Just pile on that mom guilt, will ya??) Well, Made and Made By Rae are trying to even things up by hosting Celebrate the Boy again. I remember them doing this last year. I'm so excited! They already got things started off by posting tutorials for Dragon Slippers and Boys Pants. I'm loving the dragon slippers. I think both my boys would love them too (especially if I can find a way to make them look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. To say they are obsessed would be an understatement).

Apparently, they have so many guest posters and tutorials that they will be posting twice a day for the month, so we can check back often for some great ideas.

And, one of my favorite online fabric shops, Above All Fabrics, is offering 10% off all her boys fabrics and patterns (code: BOYZ).

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