Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refreshing the Nook

In my bedroom, there is a corner that is all mine: The Sewing Nook. It's not a big corner, but it's a place I get to keep all my crafty stuff, including my sewing desk. Up until two days ago it was covered in left over Christmas wrapping paper, bags, unfinished projects and a substantial layer of dust. I got the cleaning bug and reclaimed my space. After scurrying my 2 year old away from my serger for the zillionth time, I decided my machines needed some covers. Whah-lah! These are what I came up with. I so love them. I just sat and stared at the finished products for about 20 minutes last night. My husband thought I was crazy.

Here is a look at my sewing area. I based my sewing machine cover (on the right) off of a tutorial I saw here. I added a red ruffle over the zebra stripe and embellished it with a flower. Definitely check out the tutorial by Stay-at-Home Artist. Her version is so cute. She adds a little bunting to her cover and it's adorable.
Here is the serger cover. Now, this baby gave me some trouble, probably because I didn't use a pattern. It was more of a pin and sew and see if it fits, then pin and sew some more. I wouldn't even know where to start for a tutorial. My suggestion would be to find a pattern somewhere. Here is one from Simplicity that could be cute. I took a page from Maren's book (scroll down a lot) and made mine with elastic around the bottom, so it stays nice and tight (harder for little fingers to get into). But my favorite part is the Chrysi felt flower. I love how big and poofy it is. The tutorial is awesome (and I love her blog!). The flower is so fast and easy to make. I cut out the pieces while catching up on What Not To Wear. (Sidenote: Did anyone see this week's episode with the blond and the bows? Most annoying episode ever. And in the end, she didn't even want to change. Yeah, that's a waste of $5000.)
I made a dry-erase project board using Maren's tutorial. I added a few little felt flowers to the frame. I used the tutorial from here. (Sorry for the weird angle. I was trying to avoid the flash in the glass.)

And because I LOVE that Chrysi flower so much, here is another shot. :) You must make one! You will love it.

So there is my little sewing nook. I can't wait to get started on all those projects!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing nook looks great. I really like the sewing machine cover and your dry erase board.

Maren said...

I love them together. They are bff's and dressed to impress. I think i would find extra excuses to run to my nook during the day just so I could get all giddy looking at them and thinking of all the mischief and mayhem they will get into. You amaze me. So I guess I'm off the hook to make you one in lime green that wouldn't have been even close to cool. I'll get your 3 year old fabric back to you. Again - LOVE THEM!!

Jessie Lewis said...

I love it all! I think a machine cover will be next on my list; the flimsy one it came with doesn't do much.

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