Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow days!

Holy crap, I have never seen so much snow!!! I grew up in Colorado. Went to school in Southeast Idaho. And still, I have never seen so much snow! 27" to be exact!!! The last snow day I can remember was in the 6th grade and technically it was only a half day. And on a Friday. So by the time Monday came around the snow had melted enough for us to head back to school. These kids here in Northwest Arkansas have had 10 snow days this winter! 10 SNOW DAYS!!! Do you know how many blanket and cardboard box forts my brother and I could have built in 10 days? But being snowed in as an adult isn't nearly as fun as it was as a kid. Elsie did get to watch a whole lot more T.V. than usual and we did attempt some potty training (I can't decide if Elsie isn't ready or if it is me...more on that later) but I also didn't get a chance to hit up the fabric store before the first big storm hit and I was going out of my mind after 4 days. You read that right, we were stuck indoors for 4 days. And that was just the first storm. We had another doozy on its way. You better believe I risked my life driving on some really icy roads to make sure I got to Hobby Lobby so I could have some projects to work on while we were snowed in again just two days later and for another 4 days. I'm telling you, it is just crazy! I also made sure I had more than enough Diet Coke to get me through the storms.
So here are some pics of some of the projects I was able to whip up while the blizzard raged on outside.

I had zero intentions of making anything for Ty's co-workers for Valentine's Day but when I saw These Valentine's I needed some sort of an excuse to make them. Elsie is too young to appreciate it so why not the people Ty works with? It was so fun to make and really brainless...just the way I like my crafts to be. Next year I think I am going to make These. Christie, I thought of you when I saw these because I also thought of Team Charlie. Hehehe!

I have joined a Quilt Block of the Month club (okay it is through the Relief Society but saying I have joined a club makes me sound like I am actually getting out there and being social) and this is the first block we have made. Eventually I will have 12 different blocks and then I will have a finished quilt that will go on Elsie's bed. I'm excited to see how it all looks. At first I hated the fabric and therefore, not at all excited about making anymore of this quilt but now I don't mind it and have great visions for the colors in Elsie's room. In fact, I got inspired for another quilt that I will show later when it is more than just a bunch of cut up triangles and squares. It is going to be super cute though.

First off, I apologize for the crapstastic picture. I have gotten so sick of finding straw wrappers all over my car and when I found this awesome tutorial I knew we had a winner! I love the way it looks in my car. Actually, Ty liked it and asked me to make him one too. Its a great project for those scraps that we swapped awhile back.

And finally, I had to make another Jump Rope Dress from Oliver + S for Elsie since she has grown out of her other one. I love this pattern so much, it probably is one of my top 5 favorite patterns I own. Next time I will maybe venture away from blues and polka dots and try something different but I just love the look of that combination with the style of the dress. Why try to fix something that's not broken, right?
Well, the snow has already begun to melt and I am forcing myself back into a normal routine starting tomorrow so the sewing projects will slow down but I am neck high in unfinished projects so I will take pictures as I finish them.


Anonymous said...

I am in Springfield, Missouri and we have had 6 snow days. Amazing! I have gotten a lot done, and not a lot done if you know what I mean. Stay warm. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

yeah, I didn't leave my house for 6 days - 6 days!! and I too made my first quilt block - so excited! oh, and I also took the houseboundness to try to potty train (try - key word). Anyways, I guess we're living a parallel life....

Maren said...

I love the team Charlie reference. I don't get it, except he is Kev's twin and why wouldn't you think your husbands twinner is cute. But NOBODY see's that movie and thinks Charlie's cute except our lovely Christie. You'd think there would be enough eye candy for the girl with half neked werewolves and vampires sparkling around.

Maren said...

I love all your projects. I want to get snowed in with you... not my kids - unless i had all of them and they would take care of the baby and entertain abbey. Then I could do it. I do have a huge list of projects to do. You inspire me Jill - TF (Texas Forever)

Christie said...

Maren, Maren, Maren. How can you not get it?? You have all these adolescent teenagers running around. Doesn't do much for me. Charlie is a real man. :)

Jill, love all the projects. And I do like the quilt block. I think it'll look beautiful when it's finished. Miss you!! I wish we could all be snowed in together with our sewing machines.

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