Monday, April 25, 2011

MotherDaughter classic apron set

 This was my second mother/daughter apron set and I love how it turned out. I just need a hottie mom to pose with my hottie daughter so I can get a picture of both aprons together.

This apron is from the Cindy Taylor Oats kids retro apron collection. They are all so cute and this was fairly easy to make. If I remember right it is lined. 

close up on the ruffles (probably my favorite part)

This is The Emmeline by Meg, Montessori by Hand (Sew Liberated) - I think this apron is a classic. I love the shape and details.

This fabric was bought by Marilyn the lady the commissioned the aprons. She did such a good job picking it out and she bought them from my new favorite fabric store, Scrapbook etc. 

She requested it just being 1 sided, but that's crazy talk when you make the Emmeline. She will probably never cook in a white apron but she can throw it on when guests arrive and look fabulous.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

repurposed shirt

I hate it when I forget to take before pictures, but this former shirt looked a lot like the Anne apron pictured above. IMagine it as a shirt, so probably 4 inches shorter, but everything else pretty much the same. Anyway Christie gave me a shirt she made that looked like the apron pictured above. She didn't like it because she said it made her look like she was wearing a tent. She gave it to me since I was really prego and loathed all my clothes, but it never really fit me right and I felt like I was wearing a tent. I always thought I could do something with it and that fabric was just to cute to throw away... so I did something with it.

This is what I did with it. It was supa easy. Just unpicked the straps, sliced them and diced them, and turned it into a band around the bottom. Isn't the fabric delightful?

This is my darling niece. I made a button hole in the top band and threaded a gross-grain ribbon through it. I think it turned out great. Most importantly she LOVES it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Hanging Bookshelf

Elsie has gathered quite the book collection and since we try to hit up the library once a week, there is never a shortage of books to read. The only problem is that we didn't have a bookcase or any shelving to keep on the books on so they were nicely strewn all over her room. I tried to put them in piles but Elsie just can't stand having that kind of order and organization. But a few months ago I came across This Tutorial from Penny Carnival, I knew I had my solution. And the fact that I haven't been able to stop thinking about this project that whole time was a really good sign that I needed to do it.

I found this blue fabric at Wal-Mart, it was $5 for the whole bolt! It's not really good for clothing because it is extremely itchy and stiff but it will be great for different projects for her room. I have decided to go with pink and royal or navy blue for her room colors...I'm really excited about this!
Anyways, if anyone else is struggling for a cheap solution for your children books, I recommend this one. I have actually finished another one, I just need to get the hardware and get Ty to hang it for me. :)

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