Monday, April 25, 2011

MotherDaughter classic apron set

 This was my second mother/daughter apron set and I love how it turned out. I just need a hottie mom to pose with my hottie daughter so I can get a picture of both aprons together.

This apron is from the Cindy Taylor Oats kids retro apron collection. They are all so cute and this was fairly easy to make. If I remember right it is lined. 

close up on the ruffles (probably my favorite part)

This is The Emmeline by Meg, Montessori by Hand (Sew Liberated) - I think this apron is a classic. I love the shape and details.

This fabric was bought by Marilyn the lady the commissioned the aprons. She did such a good job picking it out and she bought them from my new favorite fabric store, Scrapbook etc. 

She requested it just being 1 sided, but that's crazy talk when you make the Emmeline. She will probably never cook in a white apron but she can throw it on when guests arrive and look fabulous.


Jessie Lewis said...

I definitely need to sew some more aprons, and use this same pattern and same fabric selection. I love all of it!

Jill Manning said...

My computer has had the hardest time showing the pictures on blogs for the longest time and I have just seen the aprons for the first time this morning! I LOVE them! You did so good, Maren! I love that Emmeline apron so much...can you believe I have never made one for myself? The blasphemy! I love the look of white for aprons but the practicality of it is non-existent. But it sure does look like nice!

Christie said...

As always it looks fab Maren. You are the mother/daughter apron set queen! I love the ruffles. Love it all!

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