Monday, May 30, 2011

Its about time...

...that I give an update on some of the things that I have been working on. I promise I have been sewing. It so funny talking to people here who sew and go to Joanns and they talk about how Joanns is ONLY 30 minutes away and that isn't that far. When I compare this to Joanns being probably 3 minutes away when we were in Mesa, 30 minutes might as well be across the state. So it is hard to get out there as often has I would like and so my sewing projects have slowed down by way more than I like. I miss having a project every night. I miss walking through a fabric store and touch all the different textures and fabrics and thinking up all the different possibilities for each one. I miss flipping through the pattern books and making up my pattern wish list and knowing that no matter how well I follow the instructions, my garment will never come out looking as cute as it does on the envelope. Most of all, I miss knowing that no matter the time or day that I go to Joanns, the chances are very high that I will see one of you at the store with me! **SNIFF** Okay, enough of that pity party, onto my completed projects:
First we have my newest dress for Elsie using the Oliver + S Playdate Dress.

The Oliver + S patterns are very nick-picky and you HAVE to follow the directions precisely but I LOVE them so much because they always turn out so adorable. You look at the pictures on the envelope and you know exactly what you are your garment is going to look like. I love that this ones reminds me of something that Cindy from the Brady Bunch would wear (in her curly pig tails days, not in the braided pig tail episodes).

I finished the dress and put it on Elsie only to find out that it was waaaay too short for her (surprise, surprise) so I had to add the strip of fabric at the bottom to make it work for her. My favorite part are the buttons:

Such a pretty crystal blue. This dress also has pockets at the side seams that you can't see right away but they are a pleasant surprise.
Next is a blinged out tank top for Elsie.

I followed This Tutorial from Shwin & Shwin. I found the tank top at Target for $1 and got the jewels at Hobby Lobby. I'm already planning on making a few more in different colors because I love it so much!!! It was a great project as I caught up on some of my guilty pleasure TV (old school 90210 episodes to be exact). Here's an action shot of Elsie wearing her shirt:

Then I made a Oliver + S Ruffled Halter Top. I made one of these last year for Elsie and couldn't wait for the weather to warm up again to make her some more. This is just the first of, I'm sure, many more because they are so quick.

Sorry about the crappy photo, its the only one that I could find.
Next is a skirt and matching hair accessory that I made for Elsie.

I used My Favorite Skirt Tutorial from Everday Chaos. I love how simple and quick this skirt is but that it is so unique and darling. I had some left over fabric and decided to make Interchangeable Head Band Tutorial from The Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

Her tutorial is for an adult version but I just made the measurements smaller to fit Elsie. Seriously, the easiest thing to make. I have already made 10 in hopes that one day Elsie will keep a headband on her head for more than 10 minutes. But I like that it doesn't overpower her head but is still very girly.
Lastly is a project for me. I know, I can't remember the last time I made something for me. When I was getting ready for our cruise, I really wanted a cute cover-up but I seriously couldn't get myself to buy one knowing that if I just found the right tutorial, I could make one for myself. And by the grace of the sewing gods, I found one. I used the Beach Towel Dress Tutorial from MADE. Using a $6 towel from Target seemed a lot more appealing than a pre-made cover-up and this gave me a chance to finally attempt shirring. Thank you Jessie for giving me the encouragement to attempt elastic thread and shirring. She told me that as soon as I see how easy it is, I will want to shirr everything. She is so right.

Well, there have been many other projects but these are the only ones that made the cut. For some reason, I have had a lot of misses in the sewing project department. I wonder if I forgot to pack up my sewing mojo when we moved to AR? My next project is going to be This Skirt Tutorial. Here's hoping its a hit and NOT a big, fat miss!!!


Maren said...

Who is that adorable little girl in all your pictures? Jill she is amazingly gorgeous. I wasn't even sure what your post was about because she just blew me away. You haven't been gone that long and she looks all big and with lots of hair. I want to cry. Okay. Now I will go back and actually look at your projects... j/k - What kind of towel did you use? I wanted to do something like that last year but life happens and spoils our best plans. Im worried a towel will be hard to sew and super bulky and I'm sad swim lessons start tomorrow and Christie/Gav and Maren/Abbey will be there longing for our Jill/Elsie duo. Ok. Enough. I swear all these tears are just allergies but I'm just missing you guys like crazy right now.

Jill Manning said...

Its swim lesson season already? I'm so sad that we aren't there. Last year was sooooo much fun! I loved that we were all in a class together...we owned that class, hahaha! The towel I used was super easy to sew (if my Hansel can handle it, your machine will have zero problems). The key is to buy one of the cheaper beach towels because they are thinner and therefore less bulky. Our Target sells them separate from the more expensive/fancy beach towels. If you can't find them, Joanns sells beach towel terry cloth that I'm sure you could use. You can do it Maren! I would love to see what you come up with considering you are the master at adapting tutorials to your own style and they are always so much cuter than the original!

Christie said...

Jill, you are amazing!! Elsie (btw, when did she become a little girl instead of a toddler?!? I can't believe how much she's grown!) looks adorable and I love that Oliver + S dress on her. You always were my role model with your classy taste and spot-on fabric choices. I wanna be, wanna be, wanna be like Jill. Wow, where did that come from? Its late I guess.

Anyway, like Maren my allergies acted up as I read your post, but since I KNOW you are coming to visit soon, I kept them mostly in check. So hurry your booty down here so we can get celebrating the SSC anniversary and all the other fun stuff we can shove in a few days. :)

Jessie Lewis said...

I love the Oliver dress! She looks so adorable; it's very fitting for her. As always; great job!

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