Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quilts and Dollhouse

My last three projects have been related to Maddie's 3rd birthday. I wanted to make her a quilt, so I decided to try out a practice one with scraps and Goodwill fabric. That is the top picture. It was a lot of cutting and piecing, but I learned from my mistakes.

The second quilt is her "magic quilt". In an episode of Little Bill, Alice the Great gives Bill a magic quilt to help him not be scared. On it are pictures of things that he can think about to take his mind off scarier things. This was the basic idea behind Maddie's quilt. I decided to applique pictures of some of her favorite things right now in her life: robots, triceratops, rhinos, band-aids, cereal, flowers, etc.

I first cut out the squares, then I drew the pictures and then cut them out with about 1/4" extra space. Then I clipped, turned, and basted the pictures down to their actual size. I then pinned them on the squares. I started to hand applique them onto the squares, which look a lot nicer, but took too long, so I used the hidden stitch (I think it's called) on my machine using invisible thread. Once all was attached, I then pieced everything together. I don't have the right foot for machine quilting, so I borrowed a quilting frame and hand quilted both quilts. All in all it was a long process, but I did enjoy it and hope to someday do more.

My dad helped me build the dollhouse for Maddie. He measured and cut the wood and told me what to do with it. I then glued and nail gunned it together, then sanded it all. Casey and I did the painting and wallpaper and flooring. It's definitely not professional looking, but we love the way it turned out. And best of all, Maddie loves it! We already had some dollhouse furniture and accessories we found at a yard sale last year, so we just bought a little bit of furniture to make it complete.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE the magic quilt! That is so beautiful and personalized to what Maddie likes right now! Someday I will take on a quilt project and I love this idea. I also love how your doll house turned out.

Christie said...

Jessie!!! Those quilts are amazing. You did such a great job! And I had no idea you were making a doll house for her. It's beautiful! I love it! You are incredible. I'm sure Maddie will treasure them.

Misha said...

What size did the quilt end up being, twin? Do you have a pattern? I'd love to make my son one but have only made one quilt before and am not sure on how much fabric to get.

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