Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey, so I took advice last night and decided to finally share what I've been working on. It has been a busy crafty month for me. Sadly, not too many sewing projects, but lots of other stuff to keep me busy. Sorry if this is overload.

Shower crafts: Owl nuts - I made these using nuts in their shells, felt and tacky glue. Not too hard other than trying to cut little tiny pieces. This is for a shower that I am throwing at the end of the month. The mommy to be is decorating with owls, so I will put these on her diaper cake.
Shower Craft: Who knows how many showers I will be included in over the years so I made this versatile sign. It is made with felt and hot glue. The triangles are attached with bias tape. One side is pink and white for a girl; the other side is green and blue for a boy.

Flower Bracelet - I used scrap fabric strips and hot glued them into flowers. The cut out a circle of matching fabric to glue on the back of the flowers. Then attach all the flowers together on a ribbon and I used a bead and elastic loop at the clasp.

Candy Gum Bowl - This was a bit tricky to find pieces that fit together. The lid is a little small and just sits on top. Oh well! It is a Terra cot ta pot painted black with acrylics then modge podge on top to prevent paint chipping. The knob on top is a wooden "doll head" painted. The bowl is a rose bud bowl. All pieces are glued together with I think EZ600 or something like that (glue for wood, glass, ect...)

Boo Sign - Letters came from Joanns, painted black. Then Halloween scrapbook paper modge podged on it.
Birthday Sign - I want to make birthdays a little more special so I found this board craft. On a persons birthday they get to pick what to eat from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then at the bottom pick a few activities they want to do on "their" day. It was a partical board shelf found in the "dump." I modge podged scrapbook paper on the laminated surface. Hot glued the felt backing and ruffle. I used letter stickers for the wording which was then modge podged on. The Ric-rack is hot glued on and tiny clothes pins hold the paper. There is a pocket on the back side for the extra paper slips.
Temple Dress - This was a beast, but good for me. It's been a long time since I have made a dress. I did get some help from my mother (because she is an amazing seamstress!). She put the zipper in for me because she was teaching me how to do it on stretch material. I did learn a few tricks about how to sew with knits. This was a knit/poly blen, but still a little stretchy. The key to not having rumples in the seams it to actually sew on a very small zig-zag for everything. A straight stitch will look lumpy every time, but the zig-zag doesn't show. Fabulous! There were a ton of pleats that were challenging, but overall not to bad. And it doesn't wrinkle so badly in my bag. Yipee!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little girl headband - DIY tutorial

This is what we are making today - an easy peasy reversible head band for little girls. This darling hair model is actually related to me (we're pretty sure they didn't switch babies with the supermodel down the hall at the hospital - although sometimes we wonder at this little devil diva)

So I know you'll read this tutorial and think I'm a nit-wit and frankly you wouldn't be too far off the mark, but for those of you out there like me (please tell me I'm not alone in the nit-wit club) here is a photo intensive and extremely easy tutorial that you can't help but scoff at my nit-wittiness. Either way I hope you like it and it inspires you to make something even better.

1. Cut two rectangles 23' x 2 1/4' - (seam allowance 1/4 inch)

2. Right sides together, pin, and sew on 3 sides.

3. I also serged my edges (but you don't have to) or you could zig zag stitch them.

4. Turn it right sides out and press.

5. Top stitch at 1/8th or 1/4th along the edges.

6. Turn in edges on the open end, and close with a top stitch.

7. Add velcro (this is my one stroke of genius, I have a huge noggin and most headbands squeeze all rational thoughts from my brain - this 1 1/2 inch strip of velcro saves this large headed pumpkin girl many a headache) Also makes it easy to rip off when your little diva is throwing a hair tantrum (I know mine is probably the only one that does that)

That's it. Didn't I say it was easy? Didn't I say you'd get done and agree that I'm a simple minded nincompoop? But it will totally add to your cuties outfit and give them that finished look. If you need a tutorial on the rosettes just go HERE. I put a pin on the back so I could remove the flower easily and flip the head band if needs be. Also the skirt I made for our upcoming boutique (Nov 18th & 19th) but you can make your own HERE for FREE.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jill Week (aka 4 year Anniversary)

We have had a awesome summer and that's why our  blogs been a little quiet... well, and we are a bunch of lazy arses. But here goes catch up time.

Beka planned a fun swim day with Jill - here is a pic of the next generation of Secret Stitchers chatting away.

 Here we are in all our Arizona sun tanned glory. My husband was teasing saying we are so tough in our sunglasses (hello. It is 110' degrees out and the sun blinds you - and we do sew on some seriously tough machines, that makes us a little tough right? Not tattoo tough - but sunglasses tough... ok. maybe not.)


This was a casualty of swimming with kids in the heat of this desert we call home. Mom's can't get enough of good swim days to tucker the little ones out (and who doesn't love a fat neked bebe!)

 Dinner with the girls - yahooo!! I can't get enough of these. Jill chose Pita Jungle and although I did have to txt to talk with gals on the other end of the table but it was worth it. I love these fun ladies. L to R Jenna, Beke, Rachel, Me, Jennie, Christie, Jessie, Jill, Nikki, Amy.

Who is getting married? No one. Christie just decided to blow us away with amazing cake that tasted better then ____________ (use your imagination... dust it off, we'll wait)... and for an added bonus we made some adorable necklaces to celebrate 4 YEARS of sewing and great friends!!

p.s.  as a side note many of us will be selling our wares at a boutique in November 18th & 19th here in Mesa on the Westside. We'll post pics and update you as it gets closer. If you see something you like lets chat and maybe you can finaggle a deal.

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