Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jill Week (aka 4 year Anniversary)

We have had a awesome summer and that's why our  blogs been a little quiet... well, and we are a bunch of lazy arses. But here goes catch up time.

Beka planned a fun swim day with Jill - here is a pic of the next generation of Secret Stitchers chatting away.

 Here we are in all our Arizona sun tanned glory. My husband was teasing saying we are so tough in our sunglasses (hello. It is 110' degrees out and the sun blinds you - and we do sew on some seriously tough machines, that makes us a little tough right? Not tattoo tough - but sunglasses tough... ok. maybe not.)


This was a casualty of swimming with kids in the heat of this desert we call home. Mom's can't get enough of good swim days to tucker the little ones out (and who doesn't love a fat neked bebe!)

 Dinner with the girls - yahooo!! I can't get enough of these. Jill chose Pita Jungle and although I did have to txt to talk with gals on the other end of the table but it was worth it. I love these fun ladies. L to R Jenna, Beke, Rachel, Me, Jennie, Christie, Jessie, Jill, Nikki, Amy.

Who is getting married? No one. Christie just decided to blow us away with amazing cake that tasted better then ____________ (use your imagination... dust it off, we'll wait)... and for an added bonus we made some adorable necklaces to celebrate 4 YEARS of sewing and great friends!!

p.s.  as a side note many of us will be selling our wares at a boutique in November 18th & 19th here in Mesa on the Westside. We'll post pics and update you as it gets closer. If you see something you like lets chat and maybe you can finaggle a deal.

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Jill Manning said...

Awww, I wish I could be there now with all of you!! That was such a great trip and I am so glad that I got spend so much time with all of my favorite people! And the fact that I got to be there for the 4 year anniversary meant so much to me!!!! I need to be sooo much better about posting projects...I will do better. I promise!

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