Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Cake Plate tutorial (Halloweenish style) and chandelier

Cake plates are easy to make and quite trendy right now. The best thing about them is you can make them out of almost anything and for pretty cheap. This trio cost me $5 total. Here is a Halloween version we made to hold our glitter pumpkins and add terror and glamour to my kitchen table.

I glued these wood candlesticks to the bottom of these smallish 4-6 inch plates using gorilla glue. I'm sure you could use hot glue or any other fancy shmancy glue that I'm clueless about.

Next I hosed them down with glossy black paint. I like the glossy because it makes the wood look ceramic and the piece has a uniform look.

I painted the tops of the plate as well (I don't plan on using these for food).

And here is my finished project lighted by my gothic chandelier. 
Speaking of chandeliers...

I wanted to dress up my chandelier for the holiday. Make it more gothic and worthy of the Haunted Mansion.

I spray painted some cheap beads, draped black tule, and strips of fabric. Everything is held together at intervals with bows. As a last touch I added the boa around the center. I know this picture doesn't do it justice. But trust me it is awesome.

My kids made the ghosts from Kleenex and cotton balls. We strung them up with fishing string. I love the finished effect. So there you go - idiot proof crafts in less then an hour.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Decor

I LOOOOVE Halloween! I love the decor, the changing of the seasons, the falling leaves (ok. Not really in   Arizona, but it is a few degrees cooler),  and anything having anything to do with pumpkin food - I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with apple cider syrup - scrumptious! So here's a few inspiring projects to jump start your fall season - happy haunts!

I saw this at Marshalls - so much fun to make. I think I might try this next year. A few printables on the computer, mode podge, and black paint.

This shadow box had a fun Halloween theme. I bit of lace some fun stickers - a picture or two. The possibilities are endless.

This bottle looks like it was spray painted on the outside, again a sticker. Martha Stewart has a whole line at Joann's of cool stickers and stuff. You could make a seriously cool apothecary (my goal for next year)

What do you do with an empty flower box? Turn it into a graveyard. My kids & I made this fun graveyard with cardboard cereal boxes, toothpicks, and a little tape.

This was just a cool find at Marshalls it was missing a wire and had a tiny tear in the front. I picked it up for  a few bucks. It was a good buy and an easy fix.

This was a fun project in my dining room. I grouped 3 pics. I have a raven, a framed old lady/skeleton image, and a graveyard scene.

I had this frame and bought this picture of a raven from the dollar store. A little fabric, lace, and it makes for a cute holiday print.

Underneath I created a little 3D graveyard scene. I found a 'welcome mat' also from the dollar store (love the dollar store) and went to town with an exacto knife. The skeletons were also at the dollar store. The mat was taped up with poster tape and the skeletons have pins holding them in place.

This is the other half of the mat on my front room mirror.

This is the front room decked out for the season. On the left is a skeleton craft I did last year. The spider and skull are pictures from the dollar store that I put in an empty frame. The haunted mansion on the far right is another great dollar store purchase just taped over the print. Sha-zing! Insta Halloween.

Mimi even got into the spirit of things

I love the Halloween village although it did get displaced this year. We rid ourselves of the tragedy TV stand we had last year.

inspired from the internet

I'm so making this next year!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My projects of late

 pretty girl - pretty apron. 
I made this apron for a sweet girl who got married a few weeks back. I love the black and yellow. Its the Cindy Taylor Oates More Retro apron pattern.

 Target had these crates on clearence for $2.48. Who can pass up that deal especially when the majority of your toys are in diaper boxes. Time for an upgrade, and when I saw this tutorial on Makeit-Loveit and I had to make liners for all my baskets.

I used scrap, an old table cloth, and left over Home Decor weight fabric because I knew my kids would be rough and tough on them. I think I made 9 liners in all. But I got baskets for all my sewing stuff and toys.

Don't they look better then diaper boxes? Much more colorful and fun. Instead of putting a draw string in I didn't hem up the edges. I left them serged and added elastic on 2 ends.

After getting a new couch 6 months ago, I decided the stock pillows that came with it just weren't cutting it. I didn't like anything about them.  

Joann's was clearing out some of its special order fabric swatches for $1 a panel (you know they hang it on little hangers). It was the perfect size to make a pillows out of.

I love how they turned out. I made them in orange an teal.

....speaking of pillows here were some that I made last year that were on my chairs outside. You can tell our AZ sun had done a job

This outdoor canvas was in the clearance scrap section at Joann's. It was the perfect colors in gray, yellow, and orange.

 I reused the stuffing and black ties that were now sort of grayish, but in good condition. I backed them in a yellow outdoor fabric. It was a steal for $2 and I'm happy it won't be fading in a year and in need of replacement.

Lastly I'm working on a quilt. I've never been brave enough for quilts, but we'll see how it goes. This isn't a full size quilt, but its not a baby quilt. Its a 'sit in front of the TV quilt' - I'm as little nervous but my little sister makes them look so easy so I'll give it a try. I'm making it for the boutique in November. I'll post it when I finish it. I've also made 6 little girl skirts and just started on these huge awesome Christmas stockings. I'm so excited for the Boutique.

Monday, October 3, 2011

beach bag goes on the bike

Do you remember this post by Christie? She made a bag from the Target dollar section into an adorable beach bag. Paige is my currier for Abbey who lives down the street. She's always luggin' stuff back and forth for us so we took Christie's idea and made it work for Paige.

Didn't it turn out cute?

And there is my cute bike rider - biking in 113' degrees. Don't you just LOVE Arizona in September?

30 minute tote

I came up with this after my son needed a tote for his piano books. We used pirate fabric, it works well with cute girly fabric as well. So get ready to crank this out quick. 

cut 2 rectangles 26 x 12 
cut 2 strips of grosgrain ribbon 18 inches long

Place right sides together and pin in place

place straps 3 inches in from the edge 

pin straps in place

serge or zigzag along the shorter side on both ends

turn right sides out and press

top stitch along the edge

fold in half and serge or zigzag down the longer sides

turn ride side out and press

Viola! In 30 minutes (probably less) you have a great lil' tote.

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