Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Decor

I LOOOOVE Halloween! I love the decor, the changing of the seasons, the falling leaves (ok. Not really in   Arizona, but it is a few degrees cooler),  and anything having anything to do with pumpkin food - I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with apple cider syrup - scrumptious! So here's a few inspiring projects to jump start your fall season - happy haunts!

I saw this at Marshalls - so much fun to make. I think I might try this next year. A few printables on the computer, mode podge, and black paint.

This shadow box had a fun Halloween theme. I bit of lace some fun stickers - a picture or two. The possibilities are endless.

This bottle looks like it was spray painted on the outside, again a sticker. Martha Stewart has a whole line at Joann's of cool stickers and stuff. You could make a seriously cool apothecary (my goal for next year)

What do you do with an empty flower box? Turn it into a graveyard. My kids & I made this fun graveyard with cardboard cereal boxes, toothpicks, and a little tape.

This was just a cool find at Marshalls it was missing a wire and had a tiny tear in the front. I picked it up for  a few bucks. It was a good buy and an easy fix.

This was a fun project in my dining room. I grouped 3 pics. I have a raven, a framed old lady/skeleton image, and a graveyard scene.

I had this frame and bought this picture of a raven from the dollar store. A little fabric, lace, and it makes for a cute holiday print.

Underneath I created a little 3D graveyard scene. I found a 'welcome mat' also from the dollar store (love the dollar store) and went to town with an exacto knife. The skeletons were also at the dollar store. The mat was taped up with poster tape and the skeletons have pins holding them in place.

This is the other half of the mat on my front room mirror.

This is the front room decked out for the season. On the left is a skeleton craft I did last year. The spider and skull are pictures from the dollar store that I put in an empty frame. The haunted mansion on the far right is another great dollar store purchase just taped over the print. Sha-zing! Insta Halloween.

Mimi even got into the spirit of things

I love the Halloween village although it did get displaced this year. We rid ourselves of the tragedy TV stand we had last year.

inspired from the internet

I'm so making this next year!!

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