Saturday, December 17, 2011

Diaper Bag/Purse

I made this bag for a Christmas gift for a friend. I found the tutorial on, here is the link. It was pretty simple to follow; I just had a little trouble with her wording for the last step of sewing the lining and bag together. Basically, just make sure right sides are touching. I'm sure that's completely understood by everyone else who reads the tutorial, but for me, it was not. But I have yet to complete a project without unpicking, so why not for this project?
The fabric is all from Joann's. I used navy canvas, cute turquoise patterned cotton, and a basic yellow with interfacing for the lining. The interior pocket took a few tries for me, but I love how it looks. If I'd do anything different; I would spend the extra money and buy pre-made straps. Fabric straps always seem to lose their structure.

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