Monday, March 19, 2012

tank-top-tee (aka the grown up pillow dress)

Jen from Upcycle Education has a great tutorial for these fun, funky, fresh tanks. The construction of them reminds me a lot of the pillow case dress. Jen is trying to help people like me be a little less white trash. I admit I cut up t-shirts, to work out in. I don't do the funky 80's punk slits, I cut the neck and sleeves off because they are always too long and the neck to tight and I end up looking like Adam Sandler from the Wedding Singer (not cute Drew Barrymore or his trashy ex). Then after I few weeks I realize my gross misjudgment and toss them out. It's bad enough I can't even work out in them. You'd think after realizing it once I'd quit doing it, but sadly I've made more then a few. Jen is trying to save the world from people like me. I think these are adorable and I plan to make some for my baby girls this summer. Nothing is cuter then baby chub and I intend to show mine off (not me, yuck. No my cute chubby baby girl)

makes me want to learn a new skill...

I don't crochet, but if I did - I would totally make these. Are they not the cutest things ever? This could actually make someone want to learn how to crochet. I mean if you were having a baby shower wouldn't you love opening a cute box and finding these inside instead of more baby burp rags? Really. Is there any question at all. I found them via pinterest (my love/hate time waster site) but you can get the pattern here if you know how to do this kind of cool stuff.

I do love these ones too.

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