Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm one of those 'No Soliciting' mean people houses

So. I live in a neighborhood that is swamped with door to door sales people (and Jehovah's Witnesses), which is strange because if you saw my neighborhood you'd probably lock your doors or quickly look around to see where your children are. It's not the best neighborhood but I love it because the best people live in it.

Anyway, If I were a sales person I would think to go to a neighborhood a bit more affluent and one with less inside furniture outside peoples houses or cars parked on weedy gross lawns (next door to me - just sayin') But still they come in droves: books, home security, newspaper boys (they always get me), bread people, cleaners, super mega vacuums, knives, windows, lawn service, etc.

Usually I would listen to them very politely and then apologize for waisting their time and deliver the painful truth. We have no money... or really extra money to spend on your expensive gadget. Well, I did that for years until I met an incredibly rude sales person. That was the end for me and I wrote my first "No Soliciting" sign.

I always thoughts those NS houses looked cold or someone mean lived there, but now I know the truth. They are actually just doing the sales person a favor by not wasting both of their lives away.

This is the sign I made. It hasn't faded (surprisingly) but it has warped over the years. All though it doesn't keep religious solicitors away it does work on all the others. So if you want to become one of those NS houses but don't want to look white trash or like you belong in my neighborhood to the horror of your HOA -

Angela C. at has your solution. Not only are they incredibly stylish - they are also free! How cool is that. Believe me I will be updating my signage as soon as I buy more white trash ink for my white trash printer.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally a Finished Project!

I started this skirt for Myla forever ago, with the intent of being really on-the-ball and getting her Easter outfit done early so I didn't stress out. Yeah, didn't happen. However, I am really happy with the way it turned out. I loved the pattern, which was so easy to follow. It had lots of pictures, so I didn't have to guess or fake my way through it. It's the Vivienne skirt from Violette Field Threads. I loved the skirt so much that I got the Molly jacket pattern to go with it, also from Violette Field Threads. I was very intimidated to try a jacket, but once again it was so easy! I am pattern illiterate, but these were great.

I'm glad I got pictures of it before Gavin, my three year old, decided to write on Myla's jacket with a red marker. Seriously. It's just about 2 inches long, but I was so upset that I just may have taken his Easter candy away. After church we had a talk and I gave it back, but his markers definitely went into the garbage. Anyone have any tips on how to get marker out? :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bow Ties

I finally sewed something for my little man William. I made matching Easter bowties for him and Casey. I didn't really follow any particular tutorial; I just read a few then did what worked out for me. I know this was one of the tutorials I read.
Instead of the fancy clasp slider thing used in the tutorial, I used little sew on snaps. I think it worked out quite nicely.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silhouette Necklace

I want to make one of these - not to wear, because I don't really wear necklaces but to put in my car or hang in my house. What do you think? This was made by luckymebeads and you can buy them custom from her on Etsy. I just think it might be a fun adventure to try and make. What do you think?

p.s. Do you love how I'm using this blog as my own Pinterest? I honestly try to stay away from that site as much as possible because I can feel it sucking away my life one hour at a time and it is never enough.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zipper me happy!

I found this gorgeous DIY tutorial on Sew4Home. I love Sew4Home because it is a professional site and the tutorials include lots of pictures which are sometimes more helpful then actually reading directions. 

I think this is my next project. I have never really made any kind of a purse (I know). Nothing grown up or stunning. Yeah. I think I need to make this next. But where do you suppose they found this awesome fabric? I really am loving grey & black lately and they have a tutorial for the zipper flowers as well. I need to be reenergized about sewing and I think this might just be the project to get me going again.

Monday, April 2, 2012

This is my Dream Craft Sewing Room in the East Wing

 Isn't it so very dreamy... my friends could come over and we could sip something delectable and nibble something sumptuous while we bask in the sheer beauty of creativity and sunlight.
 Oh Look there is Jill cutting out pieces by the window. Christie is making us laugh from the red cozy chair while Marjorie holds her sweet sleepy baby in the wicker chair.

 Nikki is working away with her lap covered in scraps making the most beautiful banner. Jenna is next to her editing pictures and laughing at our goofy jokes.

And there is Abbey looking at patterns and organizing my mess. 

... and lastly is Jessie - the only one sewing away and getting something done. I love this room and I love it filled my the dearest people I know.

p.s. (Yes, Beka is missing - maybe she should come to sewing night)
You can find the picture source HERE

My Dream Laundry Room

So in your dream house - wouldn't your amazing laundry room like this? And of course your laundry would do itself right? I would either have this in my craft room or sewing room, because you all know in your dream house "your space" will be located next to your library in the East wing of your mansion right? Isn't it fun to dream...

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