Monday, April 2, 2012

This is my Dream Craft Sewing Room in the East Wing

 Isn't it so very dreamy... my friends could come over and we could sip something delectable and nibble something sumptuous while we bask in the sheer beauty of creativity and sunlight.
 Oh Look there is Jill cutting out pieces by the window. Christie is making us laugh from the red cozy chair while Marjorie holds her sweet sleepy baby in the wicker chair.

 Nikki is working away with her lap covered in scraps making the most beautiful banner. Jenna is next to her editing pictures and laughing at our goofy jokes.

And there is Abbey looking at patterns and organizing my mess. 

... and lastly is Jessie - the only one sewing away and getting something done. I love this room and I love it filled my the dearest people I know.

p.s. (Yes, Beka is missing - maybe she should come to sewing night)
You can find the picture source HERE


Christian Family said...

that's awesome!!! I can't wait till you finish creating this so I can come enjoy YOUR sewing room!! So hurry up and get on it! (-=

Beka said...

argh!!! sad i i'm missing out....thx for the reminder Maren:) love the pics:)- someday!!!

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