Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's shed some light on this Tea Party

I was just checking out some favorite site when I stumbled on a link for this. A Tea Cup chandelier? really - how cute is that? I love this idea. It's so adorable. I have 2 little stinks that this would look so cute in their room, and Toni at Design Dazzle gives great details so you can make your own. SHe makes it sound so easy. And I love that she hung the saucers upside-down so you can see how cute they are. Here are a few others I found.

This is a bit more intricate and grown up.

I love that this one has the teapot on the chandler and the shades are a bit more whimsical.

(Napa Style)
tea cups & spoons? Love it!

This one is a little more elegant. I like the dangling crystals personally.

What goes better with a tea party then a diy teacup wall clock? I love that they are mismatch and I'd be tempted but could you imagine how heavy that would be? Maybe with mini cups.

I'm drawn to the mismatchiness. I feel a project in my future. SO much more interesting then the boring generic light fixture we have in their room now.

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