Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Bedroom Curtains - LOVE!!

This is the window in my bedroom "before picture". Boring faux wood blinds. They are for privacy, not light filtration. I am a vampire when I sleep. I need it pitch black like the darkest corners of hell. The smallest allotment of light and my eyes pop open. It sucks... but we all have our nuances. 

This was my inspiration, my friend Tiffani sent me a picture of.

These are the first pair I made for Tiffani, I talk about how I made them here.

So this is what I began with. 2 creamish colored panels of "light block out" curtains that I had bought off a roll at Joann's. The size was roughly 67 long x 55 wide.

 Drum Roll please... this is what they morphed into. I bought a flat king sheet from Walmart for $13 (I think), and cut into strips. I doubled the fabric at the top (so it's not glaringly obvious I sewed a strip of fabric to the top of block out fabric) and to add length there. My black strips are 14 inches wide by 55 inches long. The cream spaces are 13 inches wide. I did include a pocket at the top so I could thread it through the curtain rod, but I have these metal clasps that make it easy to open and close which I do daily (sunshine loving vampire). The bottom strip is 10 inches wide also to add length. I did add a little here and there for hemming and for the fusible tape. It wasn't very hard, just a lot of measuring to make sure my stripes would be straight and tons of ironing fusible tape.

But I love the finished product. Now I just need to find some cool funky fabric to make some pillows for me bed.  


S.Allen said...

I love these! These are so cute!

Lida Swisher said...

Nice! It’s almost the same with your inspiration, but just with a setup you’re more comfortable with. The sleeping habit is an important thought to be considered whenever planning for a bedroom window. Like in your case, a small window, similar to a bathroom window is favorable than other window types. I think a curtain, which is operated vertically will work for you, too. ;)

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