Friday, September 21, 2012

Double-sided Burlap Banner

Burlap, freezer paper, paint, a few embellishments and an awesome sister-in-law made for a fun craft morning. I'm loving my burlap banner. I love that they are double-sided so I don't have to store another thing. The trick or treat one has a cute orange, yellow, and white flower ribbon across the top--it reminded me of candy corn so I hot glued it on. Who is excited for fall?! Me! Me! (We won't mention the fact that it is forecasted to be 104 degrees today. :))

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pillows for Jessie

Sorry about these crappy cell phone pics, but my good camera's battery died and I still can't find some of my important stuff since the move (like my camera charger and my wedding ring...uh oh). Anyway, Jessie requested something in gray, white and red. I love that combo!  Since she moved sorta recently (and we miss her tons!) I wanted to give her a little something to remember us Arizonans by.  I'm kinda happy with the way they turned out. I think I might need to make myself a matching set. :)

flower pillow tutorial

flower pillow swap - Maren & Jill

For the pillow swap I was lucky enough to get Jill. I needed some inspiration for pillows. She told me the colors were navy blue, grey, green, hot pink, antique white (I was a little lost)... I needed some more guidance so this is the picture she sent me, taken from a square of the quilt she is making for her little girls room. perfect. I headed to Hobby Lobby and logged onto pinterest to get some inspiration.

(pic from The House of Smiths)
I found this really cute pillow, and this one.

Aren't those pillows fun and give endless ideas of colors, textures, and variations you can do to make them fit in your space/room/etc. I decided to take some pictures along the way and maybe inspire you to make your own.

1/2 yard print fabric
1/2 yard solid fabric

I bought a half yard of 2 of the fabrics from Jill's quilt square. This one I cut up in 6 inch strips, this gave me 3 strips of 6 x 45 - but I think it might have been better to have one more strip. I could have done with a bit more ruffle in the center.

Next I sewed all the strips together.

Then I folded them in half and ironed them. They are 3 inches wide by 135 inches long.

Then I serged the edges. I wanted the stitching to show since it reminded me of Jill's quilt. If you don't want the stitching to show, fold right sides together and leave an end open to turn it right side out.

Since I was using cotton for the flower and it can get a little heavy I didn't want the flower to sit weird on the pillow. I used 2 layers of fabric for the actual pillow part. The outside fabric is a cream muslin, the interior lining is a white cotton. My squares are 40.5 x 16.5, but really you could do any size. I chose a rectangle so I could have a seam going down the back of the pillow and a fold on the sides.

Here is my fabric & lining sewed together.

Next I used a long stitch to add a gather on the ruffle. As a time saver - just sew 2 lines here. One of your threads will break and you'll have to repeat this step (at least it ALWAYS happens to me)

I folded the pillow in 3rds, and ironed creases into the sides.

I placed the flower on the front of the pillow so I could figure out where I wanted it.

I adjusted the spiral until it looked right. You can pick it up and move it right or left until it gets centered.

I carefully lifted the pieces and traced the curve of the fabric with pencil on the fabric (might be easier to use fabric marker)

I pinned down just a couple inches at a time.

sew, sew, sew

finish up in the center.

I added a vintage button.

Lookin good.

Next step sew up all the sides. I had serged all the edges so this part was easy - just line them up and go.

Don't forget to leave an opening so you can stuff the pillow.

I love the texture detail of having the flower stand up off the pillow.

For the "pleated" pillow - I sewed a double gathering stitch on both ends. The patterned fabric was double the length of the lining & pillow. 

I sewed the lining and outer fabric together. Cream muslim for the outer fabric and a white cotton for the inner fabric. I don't think it needed the double layer, but I wanted the pillows to feel like a matching set and be uniform.

I put right sides together, pinned and sewed up the sides.

I turned it right side out and ironed down the fabric so it was easier to work with and so my seams would be straight & consistent.

I ironed down the pleats as well so they would lay a little flatter and make it easier to work with.

I put right sides together from the front and back and sewed up all the sides. I left a small hole so I Jill could stuff the pillows.

Viola! This is the finished pillow. Sew cute.

I love how they both turned out. Let's hope she does too.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Throw Pillow Exchange - Maren & Jessie

I made these pillows for Maren. She wanted black, white, gray or mustard yellow. After searching through Hobby Lobby, I decided to keep it simple. I actually bought some plain mustard yellow to do the bows, but decided against it. Like I said before, I decided to keep it simple. Happy 5th to my great friends! ~Jessie

Jessie made me the perfect pillows. I love the pattern, style and color - here's how they look on my bed.

Thanks Jessie - I LOVE them! So perfect and my room really needed an update. You rock!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 years of Sewing LOvE

We have been sewing together for 5 years now. Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? I sew love this sewing group, I sew love these ladies, and I sew love to go out with them on the town.

 ...And I sew love dessert. Christie made us Carmel Apple Pie in these mini jars. Are they not the cutest things ever?

They tasted just as scrumptious as they looked.

 Mr. Teenage Txter came and took our picture for us. Sorry for the crap quality I blame the kid. L to R Rachel, Abbey, Amy, Jennie, Martha, Sarah, Maren, Beka, Nikki & Christie

We started the night off right with glorious food. Lots of good eats in Old Town Gilbert at Liberty Market Cafe.

Well hello there Mr. Handsome. Yes, yes I will watch your movie for a second time and oogle all over your hottieness, thank you very much.

Then home - and somewhere in the middle we did a pillow swap. Pictures to follow... Love the last 5 years and the best gal friends that I could ask for. We will sew on and be friends for a long, long time!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little lamp love

I have been eyeing the lampshade makeovers all over the blogosphere for awhile, but since we lived in a tiny place we had no room for a lamp.  Now we are in a bigger space with little furniture to fill it, so it's been fun finding and refinishing furniture and other household items. One of the items was this lamp. My aunt kindly gave them to me, but they weren't quite my style and I was a little discouraged. Until I remembered that I could make them fit my style! Sorry for these dark pictures, but I was excited and wanted to show you guys. :) I spray painted the base in a glossy white. I was worried about those grooves, but it turned out I had no need to worry. To redo the lamp shade I cut a 1 1/2 yard piece of fabric into 2 inch strips, sewed those strips together, serged the edges, ruffled the fabric and hot glued it onto the old shade. So, so easy.

I'm just finishing up repainting my boys' bunk beds right now and have an old kitchen corner cabinet/hutch that I'm anxious to get started on. I need to strip the paint off of it and start fresh. Kevin is in the middle of building us a new dinning room table that I'm so excited about. We are going off of this farmhouse table tutorial. Now we'll all be able to sit at the dinner table and not knock knees. :)

In the meantime, I'm so excited to see the throw pillows that a lot of us are working on! Don't forget to take pictures and email them in to me so I can post them. It'll be fun to celebrate our 5 year anniversary as the SSC!

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