Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Ghost Pics (kid friendly)

I know it is all the cool parents get their kids pics done in their their awesome Halloween costumes with a professional photographer, but I'm just not that cool. We take a lot of group shots or sugar-induced-candy-high shots, or passed-out-gonna-have-a-sugar-hangover-in-the-morning photos but nothing we could display in our home. Anyway, I have the kids school pictures going down my hall and my husband requested we change them up for the holiday.

first I googled Ghost pics or ghoulish portraits and found only a couple that wouldn't give my kids nightmares. 

Then it dawned on my... why not make our own ghost portraits, and that's exactly what we did. 

(Paige's pic was the scariest! - Screaming Banshee)

On my Mac in photobooth there is a setting for xray and it worked out perfectly. 

(Abbey & Elle look like stone cherubs)

For anyone not with a Mac or some such crazy app... check out to make your own pics. My awesome friend Kathy made these - how fun is that?

Mommy, it's cold out here - I see dead people

Day of the Dead Hottie!!

I love your guts - literally!

Dude, mom I just killed a slew of zombies in a game... oh wait.

Hey baby... ya hungry?

(All pictures used completely and utterly used without permission- they were ripped from the pages of FB and I do not regret using them, especially her ZOMBIE puppies - one word "hilarious")

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Beka said...

nice maren:) love it!!

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