Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Harry Potter & Hermione Granger costumes

 Happy Halloween! Can I tell you how much it warms this HP nerds heart that my daughter is obsessed with HP and wanted to dress like Hermione for Halloween. The words barely left her mouth and I was all over this costume like I have never been before. 1st stop was Savers (thrift store). I got a white shirt, maroon tie, and a navy blue vest (her choice), although you could make a gray vest super easy.

This is a sweatshirt cut up  & bias tape. I considered a gray t-shirt (since we live in AZ) and finding red/yellow grosgrain ribbon to trim it up with, but Paige is a lot like Hermione and used a stunning spell on me - she wanted the navy blue vest (I think it was the lure of all the little pockets)

This is the basic idea for the vest if you decide to include it. We bought argyle knee socks at Wal-mart for 2$ but they also have plain gray ones and she has Mary Janes she can wear for her foot attire. Also the tie - all I did was buy a maroon tie, some yellow grosgrain ribbon, clear thread, and went to work creating a cool tie for like $5
But if you have your heart set on making a tie - lemonsqueezyhome has great instructions.

Moving on. Paige doesn't wear skirts, but I was excited at the prospect of making her one - (finally... I will get my way at last!)  I found this skirt tutorial on pinterest and bought a gray single flat sheet from Walmart. My daughter is 10 years old and around 5 feet tall so I knew I'd need a lot of fabric and a sheet at $4.57 just couldn't be passed up. This is the idea for the skirt, but I didn't use the huge elastic (no need to scare her off)

I let Paige make her own wand and they made about 10 of them. My mom had a package of 12 inch long dowels they found in a drawer. With some hot glue, paper, paint, modge podge, and a little sand paper - they whipped out wands like Mr. Olivanders house elves. I found a few tutorials for them to watch on Youtube. This one is my favorite by SteveWanson. Really easy for kids to follow and surprisingly no burns... really? (I'm not sure she is my daughter at this point, there is an ironical reason my maiden name is Byrnes).

Both my sisters started crocheting me scarves for Paige. We were only visiting them for a week and they only had a couple days to work on them so hopefully we will get one in the mail before Halloween, but if not - this is my backup plan. Isn't it awesome. I LOVE creative people who come come up with simple yet, awesome ideas. 

Here is another one made out of yarn. This is a great tutorial and no crocheting is involved. This boy looks he belongs at Hogwarts (he's so cute).

If your looking for fun accessories (my Paige is holding a photo album), but there are tons online and here is a site I found with a so much good info, I can barely contain myself.

but I'm dying to make a couple of these books from the Crafty Cupboard with free download

or maybe these ones

or maybe cut to the chase and just make this one - 13 pages of free spells (Paige would really love this)

and these potions - there is a whole sheet of free printable labels 
all you need is the funky cool bottles, but then again you could always use old glass bottles and dump some acrylic paint in them to give them a solid color and find an obliging cork.

These are dollar store reading glasses with the lenses popped out - wrong shape but useful. You can always find printable ones online if needed.

Well, I saved the BEST for last. There is no costume without the cloak.

This is the basic pattern I used at - It has the instructions on how to create your own pattern and sew it. They are fairly easy to follow. The main change I made is that I folded the sheet in half and used masking tape to trace her shape on only 1 side. I figured it would turn out more symmetrical that way. Also I used the outer pattern to cut out the lining with instead of doing the whole process again.
I also followed a tutorial on YouTube by AMGandaGirl who includes brief instructions on how to make a hood.

really can you call it a cloak without the hood?

This is something I intend to add, who doesn't need a wand pocket unless you've already blown off your buttocks - good idea from lemonsqueezyhome

and last of all - the Gryffindor badge this one was made by d2cool. It is made completely from felt. I'm such a sucker for homemade stuff - if I can do it myself, then watch out because I will try (plus I'm a cheap skate - I hate shelling out $ to ebay or internet junkies who take you to the cleaners over shipping) - this is the last thing I will try and create for my darling Hermione... oh the joys of a proud Hogwarts momma.

HAPPY HARRY POTTER... I meant Halloween.


Jessie Lewis said...

This is so much fun! I can only hope my kids fully grasp the greatness that is Harry Potter. Happy Halloween Paige!

Doll Face said...

Hey Mare we found Crookshanks and will be sending him with the scarf... Ps i love the patch and the skirt! very cute, l<3ve ya sis

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