Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Decor

Ohhhh.... How I love this cursed holiday! I don't know if it's the macabre-ness of it or that inner goth? Or maybe I just love that I can dress up and people don't have to worry about me. Some kids just never grow up.

Two costumes I've worn this year. The bride ghoul was a last minute getup. I don't know if my original intention (the Queen of Hearts) will happen this year or not)

Every year I love to do more DIY Halloween projects. It's just so much fun for me to use my macabre mind and come up with additions to my Halloween decor collection. This year I added pictures. Lots and lots of pictures

Normally on this entry way shelf are my kids school pictures - this year I replaced them all with ghoul & spirits. All pics were found by searching Google images and typing things like  "ghoulish portraits" "ghost" "spirits" "vintage Haunted Mansion" etc. 

I'm not interested in gore - just ghostly things. Plus it has to be kid friendly - I have way too many kids coming & going and love every hour I get to sleep at night uninterrupted to worry about inducing nightmares. 

I found these Halloween printables on pinterest. It's just a treasure trove of ideas (some good & bad)

The frames were old and in boxes and a few from the thrift store. I painted most white and a few black and left 1 gold (I can easily slip in new pictures for Christmas). I think the "wolf boy" is my favorite this year. He's actually a changing portrait you can buy here, put I printed him in b/w on vintage looking paper.

This used to be a canvas that said "simplify", I don't know what that word means and the picture was discolored so It became the home for my t-shirt art.

I bought this t-shirt from Wally last year on clearance. I only wore it a couple times and my husband said it made me look goth - so I cut it up and with some plastic netting that some marbles come in - made this fun project.

What's more beautiful then dead lovers? 

This is a shot of my kitchen knick knack corner. There are a few printables here too. 

I have empty clear apothecary & mason jars on these shelves year round. This year I went to the dollar store and bought spiders, scorpions, rats, eyeballs to fill the jars with.

more spiders - yummy!

This bookshelf is new this year. Last year it was in a bedroom, we pulled it out, it got a makeover and dolled it up for the season.

I love this man with a skeletal aura - you can print him here.

Next to him sits a glitter skull (you can't see very well) but adds to his charm.

This is his sweetheart, the Masked Lady - nobody knows her story. She is just so mysterious! You can print her here.

What's a little Halloween without an owl (Bunko win from Marshalls), and witch doll (kind of cut her out of it)

I love the innuendoe to my true nature, you can print here.

I posted on this earlier this month, but I love my kiddos pics going down the hall. 

Lastly I let the kids pick out signs to hang on their bedroom doors. We got them either from the dollar store or Target $1 spot. That;s it until next year - Happy Haunting!

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