Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Greetings!

I'm a little obsessed with picmonkey.com right now. This is just cool stuff. The more you play with it the cooler it gets. I think it's like having photoshop with out the cost of the program and using up all the memory of your computer. Either way it's pretty cool. I made all these today...

Day of the Dead - um. cute!

There's an Urban Legend surrounding a weeping widow headstone in Spanish Fork, UT cemetery - that inspired my vision for Abbey's pic

look at my little demon... sad but true 

Even Jason said it was cool. That's huge - he usually considers me pretty dorky (it doesn't bother me - if the shoe fits...)

cupcake anyone?

I morphed my nose & enlarged my mouth - aaarrggg!!! 

watch out she is looking a little thirsty

Aren't these fun? Makes me wish Halloween came more then once a year.


Midnite Skys said...

OMG are you on my friends list on facebook? LOL I have been having fun posting my pixs!! LOL

Halloween quotes said...

Wow, this will surely freak me out when I happen to see this at night. LOL. Happy Halloween.

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