Sunday, June 2, 2013

Room Revamp

Hi I'm bedroom number 3 of 4 in the casa de Buchanan house. When the family first moved in I was pretty nasty. I had a royal blue shelf painted right onto the wall. Lets just say that left a few scars the day that shelf came down. I was turned into a boring/generic bedroom for child #2 (boy) and a few years later was repainted to this sunflower yellow color, I was actually a pretty cool room for a while. I served as guest/sewing room. I was sought after as a sewing sanctuary... until child#3 was born. Then oldest child moved in and made me feel lame about my wall color. She called in mustard and made puking faces a lot at me.

 Here is oldest child with the now "ugly mustard" colored walls. She had a lot of generic white furniture, no curtains, and a homeless sewing desk way too big for this small space.

Nothing but scars on my walls and fond memories of late night sewing excursions. I remember seeing mom smile when she finished a project, elated and exhausted. Those were good days.

 This is now HQ to the CGC (Crazy Girls Club) - they really embody their club name

Its sad that instead of a fun preteen room, I was a quasi storage room - the humongous desk, icarly karaoke machine/cd player only worked some of the time, the left over curtain (ahem. I mean shower curtain) the computer that ceased being modern years ago. 

Not a cool hang out place for this spazzy group of fun girls.

Look at that face - oldest child giggled as the ugly color was neutralized or maybe she just liked the name of the new color...

creme brûlée? vanilla ice cream? something with lots of sugar and cream... (she takes after her momma).

Mom got a brilliant idea to use old cupboard doors as cork board/wall art - yay mom. Get some bright color into the room with out having to repaint in a year or so when fads change and the "cool" colors change as well.

 I love how it turned out. So fancy. So simple. So cheap. (Thanks Tiffani for helping me hang them)

New fun polkadot curtains. 

Oldest child was so happy with how it turned out, but has not kept it this clean since this picture was taken.

This was a FB garage sale group (aka "Crazy Cosign") find, I think I paid $15. 1 can of apple green spray paint with peacock teal interior makes this one shnazzy night stand.

The top photo is of the illustrious CGC girls at the park. They are too cute! We covered a canvas with fabric and lined push pins along the top to hang necklaces on.

up close pic of the cutest girls in Mesa

We made this a couple years ago. Just covered a cupboard door again with spray glue and fabric. Spray painted letters that were pastel modge podged with paper (they needed an update). Made the cute flowers and with a whole lot of hot glue came up with something super cute.

I found the owl print on Crazy Cosign for $5, the mirror was Hobby Lobby tweeners section, and the tile was one Paige painted of us at a mother daughter activity.

I love the pops of color. The walls are minimal, the furniture is also muted, but the color jumps out at you. 

This was a Craigslist find. Not too shabby for $20 and some barely gray tinted paint. It's so much smaller and fits so much better in her teeny tiny room. 

I found this cute cubby to hold all her trinkets. My girls is a collector. 

Another great find was simple shelves from Ikea to house her snow globe collection.

the memory board was another canvas/cloth covered project and the frame just has fabric in it and she can write her notes on the glass.

I just love how it turned out and what's more important so does my Paigey girl.


Christian Family said...

Love the fun "color pops!" I love color! So cute and definitely fun for growing up girls! Good job!

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