Friday, November 22, 2013

p.s. do you have a Silhouette? tons of giveaways going on!

I kind of feel out of the loop. My mom has a circuit, but you have to buy lots of cartridges that cost lots of money and I have lots of kids that take all my money... and I know people who cut vinyl (I keep them in business), but I had NO IDEA the coolness and amount of crap you can make out of one of these. 

and if you win, I want a discount on my vinyl!

New Machine Cover

I love this cute cover. I love the color and shape and simplicity of it. AND I actually have Renaissance ribbon that I got when I was 18 and spent the summer in France. Fast forward 20 years and it's time to use that ribbon sitting in a box. Crazy how time flies and now I've just given myself a new project to add to the stack.

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